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Petit by sofie schnoor


The Danish designer Sofie Schnoor launched her first shoe collection for children in 2007, Petit by Sofie Schnoor.
Sofie Schnoor has since 2001 been known internationally for designing creative andtrendy shoes and boots of a high quality for women. Based on the extensive experience and knowledge she has acquired during the previous years within the field,she has chosen to launch a collection that is directed towards both babies and larger children.
In 2011 the boy collection has been expanded, and now has its own logo.

The inspiration can for instance be found in Sofie Schnoor’s own childhood. The designs are inspired by the more rough retro styles found in the 1970's where the focus was simplicity and functionality.
Furthermore, Sofie Schnoor is very fond of the French 1920's style, where the materials are in focus. Here we find the small pleat skirts combined with the rough boot. This combination distances the petit styles from many other children shoe brands and the designs are also made for the taste of the parents. Sofie Schnoor has in the achievement of this focussed on choosing materials in coherence with these two themes. Therefore we find lambs wool, roughly knitted wool, and super soft leather materials in natural colours such as camel, brown, blue, and purple.

Petit by Sofie Schnoor is a collection focussed on high quality materials combinedwith the perfect fitting for children fromthe age of 0 to 12 years. Slippers, shoes, sandals, and boots have all been designed in a strong alliance with Sofie Schnoor’s personal concept of reaching the perfect design expressed by using the best materials, colours, and shapes. By combining these, the designs reached are exciting, interesting and very different from other shoe brands for children. It is obvious to the viewer that Sofie Schnoor applies a unique personal edge to all ofher designs.


brand contact
Grusbakken 11
2820 Gentofte
phone +45 702 093 88
fax +45 702 093 87



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Petit by sofie schnoor

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