AW 2012/13


Press Release Autumn/Winter 2012/13

Bright colours and traditional skills for a nostalgic look and feel

The Belgian-Peruvian knitwear collection Aymara is a real success story. This nostalgic collection, which is named after the Aymara tribe - an ethnic group, which has been living in the Andes for over 2,000 years - is founded on the notions of authenticity, quality and colour.

A good product will sell itself and this rule certainly applies to Aymara, a collection designed by the Belgian engineer, Sven van Gucht and his Peruvian wife, Yanina. A few years ago they opened a workshop in Peru. In addition to their own workshop, which now employs about fifty workers who use computerised knitting machines, Sven and Yanina also employ home workers. These women hand-knit part of the collection and are paid a fair salary for their work. Aymara is an ethical collection in every sense of the word. We only work with natural materials such as merino wool for the more delicate items and baby alpaca for the heavier items.

The children’s collection for this autumn is very colourful. The colour scheme includes old rose, maize yellow, different hues of orange, shades of red and brown, various greens including bottle green and emerald green as well as turquoise and grey. The designers used colour blocking for some pieces but in most cases the colours have been incorporated in stunning jacquard patterns, which are double-sided for some items.

The collection exudes sheer nostalgia. Yanina delved into her grandmother’s closet finding knitwear with fantasy stitching as well as waistcoats and dresses in characteristic retro fabrics. She succeeded in copying the textures and patterns of these fabrics which included checks and sixties and seventies prints using colourful jacquard patterns and fantasy stitches.

The children’s collection includes knitted A-line dresses as well as dresses which fan out from the waist, with or without sleeves as well as cardigans, jumpers and skirts. Some items, with lurex yarn, are perfect for the holidays.

The babies’ collection includes rompers and knitted trousers.

The emphasis is on jumpers and cardigans in blue, brown, grey and green in the boy’s collection.

Scarves, caps, and gloves complete the look.


MCDM : +32 2 479 44 14 – INFO@MCDM.BE


Authenticity, color and natural materials that are processed in a artisan way, that’s Aymara in a nutshell. The story behind the Belgian-Peruvian knitwear collection is as beautiful and unique as the collection. It is the result of the love story between a Belgian engineer, Sven Van Gucht, who met Yannina, a young Peruvian travel agent, during a sabbatical year and fell in love. Yannina and Sven... quit their jobs and started their own company in Peru, inspired by the textile background of Yannina’s family.

Aymara is designed in Belgium and produced in their own production unit in the south of Peru. The kids collection is designed by Yannina Esquivias in collaboration with Veronique De Rop. The women’s collection is designed by Catharina Bossaert. Both collections reflect a contemporary image of fashion with a lot of attention for the perfect fitting form and discrete refined details.


brand contact:
Van Gucht bvba
Hommelstraat 16
2880 Bornem
phone +32 382 702 25
fax +32 382 703 07

sales contact:
phone +32 486 526 994
fax +32 375 554 74
contact person Veronique De Rop