AW 2011/12



Authenticity, color and natural materials that are processed in a artisan way, that’s Aymara in a nutshell. The story behind the Belgian-Peruvian knitwear collection is as beautiful and unique as the collection. It is the result of the love story between a Belgian engineer, Sven Van Gucht, who met Yannina, a young Peruvian travel agent, during a sabbatical year and fell in love. Yannina and Sven... quit their jobs and started their own company in Peru, inspired by the textile background of Yannina’s family.

Aymara is designed in Belgium and produced in their own production unit in the south of Peru. The kids collection is designed by Yannina Esquivias in collaboration with Veronique De Rop. The women’s collection is designed by Catharina Bossaert. Both collections reflect a contemporary image of fashion with a lot of attention for the perfect fitting form and discrete refined details.


brand contact:
Van Gucht bvba
Hommelstraat 16
2880 Bornem
phone +32 382 702 25
fax +32 382 703 07

sales contact:
phone +32 486 526 994
fax +32 375 554 74
contact person Veronique De Rop