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PressRelease Autumn-Winter 2011/12

yporqué - Playful Clothes Collection

New stimulating t-shirts designs!
As every season, yporqué presents its new stimulating t-shirts designs with new sounds, textures and games for children. And though it continues betting for an adult palette of ‘de-saturated’ colours in the muted tones (anthracite, crude, stone, greyish blue, mink and black) yporqué does not hesitate to add actually fashion colours as red carmine.

The new stimulating t-shirts designs turn out to be perfect to combine with the "I'M NOT TO JEAN" yporqué line; jeans look finishings, but in an elastic plush fabric, more comfortable and adapted for whom they have to wear.

Roll necks with humorous sense.
The great innovation of this AW’11 collection is the roll neck line with "humor". A seemingly classic garment re-adapted for the brand, combining practicity and amusement simultaneously. A moustache for a Dandy look and lips for Betty look, are both designs that yporqué has chosen to present its new t-shirts line.

The new sarouel: yporqué baggy pants ref.
Perfect to combine with stimulating t-shirts and roll necks, are the new yporqué baggy pants: the yporqué classic sarouel reviewed, made in an elastic plush, with all kinds of details and finishings and, as always, supercomfortable!
Also available in adult size (M)

“ROCK” look
The star of rock look is the rock skirt; a skirt with leggins sewed to the garment, in order that girls could move free and comfortably.

“BETTY” look
To create its 100 % girl look, yporqué has recovered the classic cape, very trendy in adult fashion, and it has re-designed in a plush fabric. The cape is it sells in a pack with 2 gloves without fingers.

“WILD” look
Grrrrrr …. Playful sweaters and caps, in a new fabric that yporqué incorporates in its FW’11 collection: wool with acrylic.

As every season, yporqué superheroes line attack with the most playful garments of the collection:
1.    Supersweater:
new colours for the yporqué sweater with a mask sewed on the hood.
2.    Cape man:
sweater with a superhero cape that can be hidden in the garment neck.
3.    Bat boy t-shirt:
t-shirt with bat wings.
4.    Heroes Pyjamas:
Space inviders: pyjama with fluorescent images in the darkness.
Bat pyjama: pyjama with superheroes story and cape.
Night-shirt: night-shirt with story and cape.

“APRÈS SKI” look
yporqué presents 2 new fabrics on this collection (wool and ski fabric) which have perfectly reflected in the “Après Ski” look garments; very casual and comfortable.


For babies, yporqué presents new colours for its yporqué beginners line (baby clothes for beginner parents) as the Slpeeping&Eating (pyjama with 2 bibs); Baby Dress (with pacifier tape); Baby Jacket (two-colour reversible); Baby Destroyer (with knee pads to climb) and Baby Romper (with diaper instructions).

Moreover, yporqué presents the new wool overalls, which are inserted inside Rock and Wild looks.

For more information about FW’11 collection, please send an e-mail to and we will send you the login and password to accede to the yporqué restricted press area.



yporqué was born in 2007 in Barcelona. The name refers to the question that children ask to no end during their learning age (¿y por qué? ¿y por qué? ¿y por qué? In English Why? Why? Why?) and the idea of the company comes from three women with different educational backgrounds (design, advertising and psychology), who join their knowledge in order to create a children’s clothes brand that, beyond fashion, appears with a very clear concept: a design that bears in mind those destined to wear the clothes, that is, children.

From the start, the big and differential product of yporqué are the stimulating t-shirts; a piece of clothing that intends to stimulate the five senses of the little ones, incorporating sounds, textures, games or glow-in-the-dark images.

Currently, and after launching its last collections in showrooms and international fairs of children’s fashion (Playtime Paris, Pitti Imaginne Bimbo and Kleine fabriek), yporqué has a bigger collection which offers, as well as the stimulating t-shirts, other garments based on the interactive fun concept and the comfortable wear  which are the trademark of the brand.

The creativity of yporqué lies basically in the design of each of its garments. It’s not in the colors or images but in the reformulation of each pattern in order to transform it into a new design that gives an extra value to the child who wears it.

T-shirts with a sound representing the same thing as the stamping –a concept which has been registered by the brand-; sweatshirts with a mask added on to the hood; pyjamas with a hero cape; or simply the reformulation of the classical blue jean in elastic plush fabrics, much more comfortable and suitable to children’s mobility, are some clear examples of the brand concept of yporqué.

The aim of yporqué is to get to kids, to make them want to wear its garments, because they enjoy them, or because they stimulate them, or teach them new things… or simply because wearing them make kids feel more comfortable: more like kids!

yporqué does not just get to kids. It also gets to parents through the entertainment of their kids – what parent does not smile when their kids smile...?- and its look&feel (colors, images and patterns)  makes it a children’s brand matching the adult and young fashion trends.

International expansion:
Currently, yporqué’s products are being sold in children’s clothes shops of mid-high level in more than 25 countries.
In spite of the current economic situation, and thanks to the philosophy of its 3 creators, that combines vision, optimism and determination, in the last years the brand has continued to increase its presence in multi-brand selling points (online and offline) and soon it is going to launch its own selling website.


Spain agent:
Showroom Emilie Chant
C. Goya 20
08012 Barcelona
phone +34 93 415 91 21
mobile  +34 697 289 222
contact person Emilie Chant

Belgium agent: 
Agentuur Kids I.D.
Papegaaistraat 75 
9000 Gent - Belgium
phone +32 473 375 001
contact person Ingrid Dambre

Netherlands agent: 
Zoet Agenturen
Veemarktstraat 68a
4818 HB Breda
the Netherlands
mobile +31 6 617 508 566
contact person Annelie Koopmans

Japan agent: 
Sung Ju Ltd.
Fujimaki Bldg.101  1-3-24 Jiyugaoka Meguro-ku 
Tokyo - Japan 152-0035
phone & fax +81 33 717 5230
mobile +81 80 44199 320
contact person Jun Kinoshita 

Austria agent: 
AF Agentur
Rodlergasse 13/9
1190 Wien
mobile +43 699 1901 5770
contact person Anna Fernandez

other countries:
contact person Eli Herrera


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