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Press Release Spring/Summer 2012

SS12 - Le Cirque du MINI A TURE

The MINI A TURE children find themselves at a traditional circus. They are having a great time pretending to be the circus acts themselves and are entertained by the clowns with their big red noses and oversized shoes! One of the boys plays the role of the strong man, complete with a moustache. Another plays the circus director with his top hat and big belly…he has to wear braces to stop his trousers from falling down! No circus is complete without its animals and this circus has sea lions that can balance balls on the tips of their noses and lovable elephants that can carry out the most impressive of moves. The girls pretend to be line dancers and circus princesses who gracefully ride horses whilst wearing the prettiest of dresses. The circus is abound with colour and is located in the middle of an enormous field. The big tent is surrounded by circus wagons that are intricately decorated with stripes and flowers in charming pastel shades.

The collection for babies features softer qualities and soft colours that are particularly suitable for newborn babies. The Mini collection still includes designs that are suitable for babies and toddlers, in particular those who are beginning to sit upright and will soon be able to walk. The Kids collection is designed for children aged 2 – 10 years and is more functional in terms of its qualities but features a range of different designs that ensures that the pieces within this collection are more suitable for children within this age group. The colours are still soft, but other more fashion forward colours are included in this collection, which is also inspired by adult trends and by people and children in general.

The SS12 collection features a focus on detailing and a MINI A TURE piece should be instantly recognisable by way of its unique detailing. Contemporary design combined with detailing gives a piece of clothing a ‘special’ look that transcends to the wearer.

This season, MINI A TURE will be designing for three deliveries: January, February and March. This strategy can been devised in order that retailers receive delivery of the designs that are truly in season at that time. Therefore, no longer will retailers be receiving summery clothes when it is still too cold. This will also ensure that retailers ensure that their shop floors are constantly being updated, providing customers with a reason to keep returning.

MINI A TURE will also be adding special hangtags to carefully selected hand-picked pieces which they feel have an added extra when it comes to the design, look or quality.

• MINI A TURE has chosen to work with delicate and functional fabrics
• The collection for babies is generally soft and cosy whilst the collection for kids is cool as well as being functional.
• New this season is a very fine and super soft cotton / cashmere knit. Other fabrics include the popular cool and classic canvas and a lightweight viscose with an all over print, which is perfect for the warmer months.
• Key looks for girls include a silver series and a smock which features a very feminine polka dot print.
• It’s time to get a bit nostalgic and MINI A TURE has included a classic stripe, which was featured in the label’s first collection back in 2001. MINI A TURE is proud to celebrate its achievements over the last 10 years and to re-introduce some of the qualities for which the brand has become best known for.

Anne Katrine Lemvigh Montag is the Design Manager at MINI A TURE. Her SS12 collection captures all of MINI A TURE’s brand values, namely: high quality, functionality, attention to detail, signature colour combinations and contemporary design.

Danish childrenswear label, MINI A TURE, has experienced continuous growth ever since it launched in 2001 and can be found in high-end retailers throughout Europe and other selected markets.

For more information please contact +45 55 56 40 75 or email: 


MINI A TURE launched in 2001 and has today become an instantly 
recognizable label that can be found in leading retailers worldwide.

Anne Katrine Lemvigh Montag is the Design Manager behind MINI A 
TURE. She focuses on creating collections that have an international 
appeal, without losing any of MINI A TURE’s signature designs or brand 
values. These values are demonstrated by the active support for the 
Sunway Children’s Home in Bodh Gaya, Northern India.

MINI A TURE is not just a design-led label, the MINI A TURE’s clothes are 
practical and functional and can withstand the daily wear and tear of 
active boys and girls. The clothes are never restrictive or uncomfortable 
which makes them perfect for babies and children up to ten years old. 
From Spring / Summer 2010 some styles are even available up to 12 

There are four collections each year, with the main collections centred 
around Spring and Autumn. Two smaller collections are added 
throughout the year for Summer and Christmas and feature more 
seasonal designs including divine dresses and sumptuous knitwear, for 
which MINI A TURE is well known.

We believe what really sets MINI A TURE apart is the sense of playfulness 
and humour which is a part of every collection. This is complemented by 
exclusive prints, unique colour combinations and high quality materials, 
making MINI A TURE a brand that is loved by parents and children alike.


brand contact:
Head Office

Rosenvaengets Allé 25, 1
2100 Copenhagen


phone +45 5556 4075
fax +45 5556 4092


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