SS 2012

Munster Kids

Press Release Spring/Summer 2012

Heroes and Villains

This season has Mikey and his mates taking to the streets, capes flapping intail while masks conceal their intentions. Are we heroes or villains, good or evil or just dont know. What does it matter which side we're on.

street art music and munsterkids


Munsterkids is a kids collection of apparel that is driven by music, art and street culture. Created by Rich and Samantha Brown in 2005, the sydney based label now exports to 12 different countries around the world with established markets throughout Europe, Japan, USA, UK, Hong Kong, New Zealand and at home in Australia.

The label takes inspiration from the urban legend Mikey Munster; the sharp toothed trouble maker that resides in every kid. Having 3 boys of their own Jax, Zai and Kash the Mikey character is seen every day and the boys constantly provide inspiration for the line. The collections include denim, outerwear, woven shirts and shorts, boardshorts, graphic tees and fleece.

Since 2009 the line has expanded into girls with the launch of missie munster. Missie blends some street style silhouettes with beautiful illustrations providing a nice alternative for the more street savy little girl.

Rich, Sam and the boys currently reside in Vietnam, where they work closely with factories that are both socially and ethically accountable aswell as support fair trading and sustainability. With a family lifestyle focused around boardsports and the outdoors, Vietnam provides many new adventures aswell as endless opportunities to help develop the munsterkids brand into the multi product line centered around active lifestyles.

street art music and munsterkids


brand contact: 
Unit 49/65-75 Captain Cook Drive
Taren Point
Sydney Australia 2229
phone  +612 9531 0992
fax +612 9531 0341

International sales:
contact person Samantha Brown
phone +61 95310992
fax +61 2 95310341 

Australian + New Zealand sales:
contact person Michaela Whiteman
phone +61 95310992
fax +61295310341

United States West Coast sales:
ab spoon
california market center
110 east ninth steet, suite A677
Los Angeles, CA 90079
phone +1 213 688 9590
fax +1 213 688 9614 

United States East Coast sales:
Le passage showroom // Stephanie
34 West 33rd Street, Suite 905
New York, NY 10001
phone +1 212 594 3364

Canada sales:
Fashion District
contact person Philippe Lichaa
phone +1 514 3377 499
fax +1 514 3377 479 

UK sales: 
38 Heton Gardens 
NW4 4XS London 
contact person Orly Weinberger 
phone +44 781 754 1022

Spain sales: 
Maddox Play
Showrrom C/Rambla Del Prat 92p1
08012 Barcelona
phone +34 6650 412 46 

Benelux sales: 
Shina Distribution 
contact person Jonna Wolfe 
phone +31 614 274 833 

Scandinavia sales: 
Bronsyxegatan 4 
21375 Malmö 
contact person Mikael Thor 
phone +46 40 15 7979 

Denmark sales: 
Co Brands
contact person Carina Olsen 
phone +45 315 07 331

Japan sales: 
Tee-pee jr.
Happiness blg 1F&2F
Yuigahama 1-1-13 
JAPAN. 248-0014
phone +81 0467 33 4488