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Press Release Spring-Summer 2010

All the colours of the rainbow 

Ten years of colours, of flowers, beads and spangles.  A decade of fantasy, fairy tales and adventure. The Essentiel Spring-Summer collection has taken inspiration from these past ten years of creativity by playing on the theme of the rainbow and creating the most beautiful colours. 

Let’s dive into the party atmosphere with our “sparkly” them made up of a collection of short plain dresses covered with spangles,  bubbles and stars, all created for having fun and bursting with black, mauve, pink and green.  Glamour is the guest of honour with no holds barred in this celebration of our tenth anniversary. 

Ranging from white to black, the chromatic themes evolve with the rhythm of the seasons.  The white of Spring has borrowed hues of cream and gold from the rays of the sun.  The coming of Summer heralds the arrival of the blues, sands, oranges, pinks, khaki, reds, mauve, fuchsia and greens.  Printed fabrics swirl in all these tones and make up different motifs. The “Flower Tiger” transforms the banal leopard’s spots into contrasting flower petals.  The picture effect given off by brush strokes creates another kind of print: the impressionists’ whole palette combines to colour our dresses, blouses and skirts in their different materials. The “Block Party” is a structured, geometric pattern featuring large squares of colours that could have been inspired by Mondrian, where the shading makes all the difference.  And, to fulfil the ever present desire for travel, the season’s collection also includes a Mexican theme, exotic and stylised, just like a drawing by the Mayas.  As far as dyeing is concerned, the famous Seventies “Tie and Dye” trend has been reinterpreted and given a boost with beads and embroidery. 

The feel of fabric is so important too and the different materials are available in subtle mixtures.  Knitted designs alternate both thick and thin stitching.  Just like the silk, they are enhanced with lace, beads and embroidery.  Leather is ribbed.  For in-between seasons, the heavier fabrics are made up into jackets, trench coats and trousers in various colours.  Skirts and trousers gently caress the legs when made up of cotton, viscose or crepe.  Shiny leather and snake skin dresses our funky woman in perfecto jackets or coats that certainly will not go unnoticed.  Lamb’s wool dresses the classy woman whereas the velvet touch of our suede garments clothes you in comfort and the whole range of the seven colours of the rainbow. 

Amongst the new-comers, pin down the much stylised jumpsuit, declined in a sporty version made of cotton or a smarter version in crepe.  A new type of light cotton has given birth to a whole range of sports clothes, including dresses, shorts and perfecto jackets.  Coats and trench coats come in a variety of styles. The classic blazer is jazzed up with small decorations, short, sexy perfecto jackets, easy-to-wear coats.  For the first days of Spring, a straight coat in heavy cotton with a touch of raffia will delight the town girl. But the star of the show is the superb trench coat made out of lambskin and available in the prettiest colours of the rainbow. 

Moreover, the classics are again numerous to fit the moods of each and every woman in keeping with her whims and fantasies.  So what is in fashion this Summer?  Pencil skirts that go down to the knee, dresses with wide bodices that pinch in around the hips and thighs with a generous range of neck lines to enhance the neck and bust: high-buttoned, draped, embroidered, decorated with a panel of beads or studs.  This season’s wardrobe will contain a range of models covering new fashions, going from the classic trends to the very glamorous, from the straight to the asymmetric, from the waist drawn in with a bow or cladded with a belt and bloused out around the hips.  And what about the finishing touch to transform the figure?  Well, it could be a sequin studded sleeveless jacket, leggings decorated with Flower Tiger motifs, a T-shirt with a fitted necklace and a choice of shoes that will make your head spin. Sandals, pumps, ankle boots, high heels, flat heels all available in a wide range of colours, including some great models in snake skin.  Other models have been studded with sequins matching the collection.  Now all that is left to do is choose; it is all bursting with imagination! 


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