AW 2012/13

Bellerose Kids

Press Release Autumn/Winter 2012/13

Winter 2012

Timeless and inexhaustible, the ‘High School Collectors’ universe steeps Bellerose back into the very heart of its roots from the first day of the new school year on wards. A new found energy based around authentic American team sports, such as baseball, football and basket ball brings the athletic finish and emblems of these sports to short jackets and vintage sweaters. 

People are set to learn how to wear distinctive symbols again in testimony to their allegiance to a group. The colour scheme is inspired by the basic tones used in school uniforms such as navy blue, aubergine, bottle green and broken white that flirt with the bold seasonal colours, i.e. pink beiges, Klein blue and ink blue, and a wide palette of powdered rose tints for women and girls. 

On the other hand, it’s the call of nature that impels Bellerose to hark back to its roots, as do the ‘Backwoods’, those hardy Canadians from the north who have adopted an ecological lifestyle in the vast forests of Alaska. Working in the woods, sleeping in log cabins, these Davy Crockett types of the modern era will be wearing as outer garments velvet pinstripes with open weave jacquard, lumberjack checks, hairy mohairs and fleece jackets. An autumnal palette in celebration of the Indian summer: frosted chestnut browns, warm beiges, russets and flamboyant yellows, khakis and lichen green.  The plant prints of ethnic inspiration, the handcrafted finishes and the faux fur details only act to bolster that ‘Nomad’ spirit.

When winter fully closes in, when the protective layers prove to be a much needed shield against the winds and tides, the Bellerose Winter 2012 collection is set to wrap us up in duffle coats and large navy jumpers. Flashy coloured ropes and horn toggle-fastenings for the finishes, striped scarves and maxi-mesh accessories serve to highlight the sense of being out on a deep sea fishing trek. This ‘fisherman’ style comes with a range of nautical colours, covering navy blues, basic reds, ecrus, khakis and its half tones, washed out by the briny sea spray, as well as polka dots as motifs with shifted sailor stripes, printed on woven fabrics. 

Finally, just by way of an anecdote, a handful of jazzy notes come hovering across the three collections, harnessing the iconography of the New York musicals scene from about the turn of the century as a major source of influence in drawing and signing the sweaters and T-shirts with a Bellerose twist. 


Sophie Carrée 
Rue de l’Autonomie 12 
1070 Brussels

Showroom Rasi 
Piazza G. Cesare 8 
20145 Milano 


Bellerose is,
Born in 1989,
Belgium brand,
Bellerose men’s – 1989,
Bellerose women’s – 1998,
Bellerose kid’s – 2002,
Bellerose retail in 4 countries,
Bellerose wholesale in 15 countries.


brand contact:
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