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Bellerose Kids

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Press Release Spring-Summer 2010

"Basic with a Touch"

Yet again the Bellerose spring‐summer collection combines casual, allure and unique details in a timeless signature.

Rejuvenated old school look and unique allure, the stylish look of the Bellerose man. Ever true to innovative basics, inspired by a casual but studied attitude, the Bellerose man is always self‐assured with a navy blue jumper, a caban and a golf blazer with new blood. In summer his outfit will comprise a pair of urban Bermuda shorts worn with a sweatshirt, a fisherman smock or a classic jacket. The trendy charm of the New York style from the fifties and sixties will be infiltrating the main themes of men’s wardrobes with a green, light blue, light yellow or red blazer, scarves with retro  patterns, a light military jacket or a checked jacket. Natural fabrics, detailed finishes and unique looks become the definition itself of essentials. And when new basics are transformed into trends, cardigans become the basic item for combining with all sorts of outfits.

Bellerose women are both romantic and inspired  A nod to authenticity and softness. Frou‐frou, zigzag stitching, light stripes and Liberty prints. Stone grey or flecked grey, khaki, white, beige or blue all there in a myriad of beautiful shades. Gathers, English embroidery, belts and pleats lend shape to jersey, cotton voile and linens with a unique Bellerose touch. A collection of cardigans with leather patches on the elbows on top of delicate tops with round neck and dots. And the transparent look is omnipresent wherever we turn our gaze, night and day. The subtle refinement of a wide cotton skirt whose only decoration is a simple buttoned band combined with a short‐sleeved jacket of indescribable refinement. A touch of romance infuses the style that gives an immediate impression of having come straight out of an artist’s studio: horizontal stripes, big and small Vichy prints, electric blue, red and madras.  Collars covered in sequins, fisherman smocks that reveal shoulders, dresses in tangerine, shirts in cotton, ¾ sleeve jackets in washed suede. Scarves in madras, golden bands, flower brooches, trousers in light yellow, dark green, workman blue or white. All designed to fulfil your desire to feel like a muse and find your inspiration.

Rural goes hand in hand with the freedom of a future artist for the Bellerose kids. Allure and energy are the key words that go together with the slick look of anyone who wants to feel good in his clothes even from a very young age. A collection that is so well designed that mums see themselves as princesses again and dads recall  the time when they were young and carefree. A blazer in Vichy prints on top of a vintage T‐shirt and denim Bermuda shorts, slim fit denim 5 pockets in all colours. A military parka, shorts in madras and a heavy knit waistcoat, college style sweatshirt on top of a Liberty print skirt or a silky soft dress. Khaki cargos with a feminine top. Liberty print, hounds tooth print, old school finish and bright colours. He is growing and he doesn’t give a hoot. He is so comfy in his flat fronts that allow him to climb in the trees as well as playing at being a good boy at the birthday parties of his chums.  She wants to have fun and has no problems rolling in the grass in her boyfriend jeans and maxi checked shirt. The Bellerose signature is well defined yet again in the association of fabrics and  references … and the total lack of complication.

Press Belgium
Sophie Carrée
2 Notre-Dame-du-Sommeil, 1000 Brussels
T. +32 2 346 05 00

Press The Netherlands 
Press OnlyRokin 36-1, 1012 KT Amsterdam
T. +31 20 42 11 226


Bellerose is,
Born in 1989,
Belgium brand,
Bellerose men’s – 1989,
Bellerose women’s – 1998,
Bellerose kid’s – 2002,
Bellerose retail in 4 countries,
Bellerose wholesale in 15 countries.


brand contact:
Bellerose Belgium sa/nv
3 Rijshout
1702 Groot-Bijgaarden
phone +32 248 153 60
fax +32 248 153 61