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Bellerose Kids

Press Release Spring-Summer 2011

Nostalgia and a return to our origins

The 2011 Bellerose spring/summer collection takes a step back to the pioneering history and to its deeply anchored roots. The nostalgia of the fifties flirts with retro, rubs shoulders with stunning details and gets tough with the contrasting shapes inspired by the workwear of American builders. The allure is urban chic and audacious, totally in keeping therefore with the Bellerose identity.

A small pair of spotted silk bloomer culottes are worn under a large workman’s jacket that emphasises the contrast between suggested candour and outspoken allure. A baggy boyfriend pair of trousers that turns up just above the ankle creates a totally carefree and casual impression. A small romantic blouse, a pinafore dress, a shirt with a belt or a fitted windbreaker bring the whole together in a wonderful ensemble of femininity. Khaki, off-white, vanilla, beige and kohl are layered one on top of the other and intermingled. Optical white, chiné grey, ecru, elephant grey and splashes of poppy red crash through the overall neutrality. The jumpsuit puts us immediately in mind of cotton fields in the deep south of America, while a bandana with ethnic prints or huge butterflies keeps rebel locks under control. The shades are all inspired by Africa: batik, block print, tunics embroidered with pearls and microprints are insolent and indispensable. Retro shades, navy blue stripes and tiny flower prints brighten up the soft or sturdy fabrics.

Children are also treated to this charming mix of traditions all threaded on the common theme of a leather band. The desire of kids to live life to the full is satisfied in baggy trousers with a slightly preppy look that gives girls a cheeky allure and boys a Rebel without a cause attitude that is accompanied de rigueur by scratched knees. The girls can twirl in their wide dresses belted at the waist while boys can slouch with the hands deep in the pockets of their bermuda shorts with their waistcoat fitting snugly over a checked workman’s shirt. Ocean blue, mauve, poppy red, porcelain, dragée pink, turquoise, pollen yellow, mint g reen, lilac and chiné grey feature on bigger volumes of fabric and sailor or flower prints are omnipresent. To go with them, Perfecto jackets in crispy cotton and scarves and shawls with retro pink prints arouse nostalgia for the fifties.

Men wear daring bermuda shorts with geometric micro-motifs, shirts with buttons and a scarf with handkerchief checks. The bottom of trousers have nonchalant turn-ups, the checked short-sleeved shirts that recall the plaids of the Maasai warriors take on an urban look and are more close fitting. The wide sailor shirts in very fine, crumpled cotton are a basic item that are combined with trousers and a jacket in electric blue, gypsy, navy blue, indigo or aqua. The spotted shirt brightens up the sand-coloured suit, the orange flat-front stands out and guarantees a rebel, nonchalant, attractive and totally disarming look.

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Bellerose is,
Born in 1989,
Belgium brand,
Bellerose men’s – 1989,
Bellerose women’s – 1998,
Bellerose kid’s – 2002,
Bellerose retail in 4 countries,
Bellerose wholesale in 15 countries.


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