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…is the story of a journey  

When we talk of the CAPOREA collection, it is a rich story full of emotions and passion.
Designer Monica Crestan, inventor and owner of the brand, gets inspiration from the endless tales of her own children for the mood of the collection.
This time it is a story of magic and of courage, because the journey that they are on…… will take them to explore a fantastic place… the island of CAPOREA.
……little frilly shirtwaisters, puffball Bermudas, a little jacket with romantic/military frogging, a dress with a rich, detachable petticoat, a cotton gauze cardigan trimmed with georgette, a long, Bohemian-style crocheted scarf, a little rounded-collar blouse with lace flounces: the mood of the Caporea collection for girls is borrowed from mummy’s wardrobe. The frivolous, coquettish look of long, grosgrain ribbons andenamelled filigree charms are paired with totally casual clothes……
The palette of the CAPOREA girl’s collection for Spring-Summer 2010 features a sophisticated range of intermediate shades, a mixture of true colours and fake neutrals, subtle, dusty colours, faded bright, vibrant shades. In other words, the classic children’s colours.
The collection therefore presents an ensemble of very pale shades borrowed from milk, butter, chalk or honey, moving onto intermediate tones like flesh pink, powder blush and azulene blue which are used as basic shades in the place of neutrals, and arriving at deeper yet never overpowering tones, such as absinthe, amaranth, celadon blue and warm beiges which almost turn golden.
These colours appear on ultralight fabrics like cotton voile, habutai silk, frotté linen,
embroidered muslin, macramé or Valenciennes laces or a combination of the two to create delicate, attractive designs seen on the Art Nouveau cottons. And all absolutely with a crushed, crumpled look!
……shirts with small floral designs, light cotton and rough canvas.
Bermuda shorts…… comfortable, accessorised with pockets front and back, to collect shells and driftwood.
Pants in jersey, sweat and cotton dyed thread.
Comfortable stretch denim jeans, treated and washed, already with the worn look…… slightly wash & wear.
T-shirts in jersey, polo’s in piquet, absolutely natural materials and 100% cotton.
The t-shirts are printed in water colours and have the same prints that you also find in the shirts.
……A palette of sophisticated colours, also for the boys, the tones are slightly more decisive but the array of colours accompany those of the girls.
A sort of “white page” which leaves a large space for imagination……


Caporea was born in 2005 from a dream become true thanks to Monica Crestan’s perserverance, resolution, and experience.  
Completely countertendencying, in a mostly everywhere globalized market, Monica Crestan gives birth to a small business, strongly customized, characterized by a great artisanal handcraft and by a totalizing passion for the ‘well done’ and most of all for the ‘made in Italy’. From this passion also the name Caporea originates: acronym melting the founder’s name to that of her children – Filippo and Andrea – who are the real inspirational source of the collections designed and created by a completely out of any scheme ‘Italian mum’.  
CAPOREA is a brand with its own original and unmistakable identity, telling through any single garment a story of handcrafted ‘know-how’, a story of blended threads, materials, tailoring creations, revealing themselves to expert audience who are able to choose always an image rich in high value contents. Nowadays Caporea has been granted a prestigious certification – by the Organization safeguarding the Made In Italy Producers – testifying a completely artisanal manufacturing using only the best fabrics available on the market.
The company is now starting the 5th working year fortified by always coherent choices, although not obviously easy, such as that of producing everything not only in Italy, but more specifically in the Veneto region, in order to be able to strictly follow every step of the production process.
Highly topical is the choice to follow the customers ‘one by one’, in accordance to any of their needs, from product to service, knowing and absorbing every new input coming from the market.  
This new entrepreneurial attitude is capturing the International markets who have been quickly enchanted by the collections first, and by the structure efficiency of this dynamic company.  At the moment, the most receptive markets are Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Japan and of course Italy. Next year the business strategy aims at establishing contacts with new areas such as Brasil, and at consolidating the EU countries, to conquering the ‘value oriented’ customers, also in the Junior segment. 

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