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Mini Rodini

Press Release Autumn-Winter 2011/12

Gypsy kings and queens

Mini Rodini's Autumn Winter collection is a journey through the orient, from East to West. Little gypsy kings and queens traveling in caravans with elephants, horses and parrots towards new lands. Performing artists, fortune tellers and dancing bears accompanied by a bracing brass band all night long. 

Playful prints, warming angora knits and earthy colours are combined in the Autumn/Winter collection. And it is filled with ruffles, frills, bows, pintucks and fabulous faux furs for the greatest performance yet.


We are inspired by children and envy their imagination and their sense of anything being possible. Dressed in a down jacket and a pair of winter boots, playing becomes hillary’s climbing of the mount everest, a pair of swim trunks becomes an under-water journey in the spirit of cousteau. We think it is important that children have clothes that match their mood and creativity.
Mini Rodini creates clothes that parents want to dress their kids in and that kids love to wear. It is one of many reasons why mini rodini is a success among grown-ups and kids alike.

Mini Rodini is one of Scandinavia's fastest growing children's fashion brands. We are often told that we represent something different and new. That is great, but our goal is not to be different, our goal is to design modern children's clothes that speak to modern and conscientious parents.
Our concept is a success in other countries as well. Today, Mini Rodini is represented in over 150 locations in the world and our clothes are sold in the world and our clothes are sold in upscale department stores in major cities as well as over the Internet. Roppongi Hills in Tokyo, Internet department stores like LittleFashionGallery (France) and ASOS (UK), the Italian multiple stores group Coin, Sweet Williams in New York, deparment stores PUB and NK in Stockholm, to mention a few.
In the course of a few years only, we have grown into an acknowledged and exciting fashion brand and a reliable partner.

It's important to let children be children. A Mini Rodini garment should be "liberating", in other words, comfortable and fun to wear as well as nice to look at. Playfulness is important also when we consider our entire concept. Clothes and accessories should be infinitely combinable.
Today, Mini Rodini is an all-around clothing concept for children and the collections include everything from boots and outerwear to onesizes, leggings, sweaters, pants and accessories.
Starting fall 2010, we are broadening our concept further by also launching our large jeans collection. We considered ourselves a "jeans brand" already from the start, but so far we have only featured single jeans garments in the collections.
Now, we have worked hard to create fashionable styles with great cuts in all sizes. The collection will include everything from jeans, jackets, shirts and accessories.
Since its start-up, Mini Rodini has walked its own path. We have already had a few followers who are inspired by our design and expression. We think that is nice and it proves to us that people appreciate what we do.

Neither humans nor the environment should have to suffer because we make fashionable children’s clothes.
One example of our environmental engagement is our one collection made completely in organic cotton, which has also been processed organically (which minimizes the level of toxins in the material). That is one of the reasons that a great deal of our production is GOTS certified*.
It is also important that the factories we employ have fair labour conditions including a fair employee policy. Therefore, we have put together a list of criteria that all our producers have to comply with, our Code of Conduct. These criteria create  security for everyone that works with manufacturing Mini Rodini  garments and promotes that they work under fair and healthy conditions.
* GOTS is an international certification that demands rigid environmental criteria on the entire manufacturing process. It includes, for example, farming, harvesting, production, processing, manufacturing, packaging and branding. GOT includes social criteria as well based on ILO's core conventions.
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The founder of Mini Rodini, Cassandra Rhodin, a well-renowned illustrator who, among other things, has collaborated with several major international fashion companies. She started Mini Rodini during fall 2005; due to the fact that she had trouble finding clothes that she wanted to dress her own children in.
Cassandra’s great grandfather was the legendary circus king Brazil Jack. As a young man, in the romantic 19th century, he travelled around Europe with Romanies and played staged gypsy weddings for money. He was then known as the Gypsy prince Carooli Rodini  and he has been the inspiration for the name Mini Rodini.
The Circus has played an important part in Cassandra’s childhood and provides a constant source of inspiration.

Cassandra realizes that there are very few clothes for children that she herself would buy for her kids and identifies a missing piece on the market for modern children’s clothes. The idea for an own children's clothing brand is starting to form.
Cassandra finds a portrait of her great grandfather, the circus king Brazil Jack (Carl Rhodin), in an antiquarian bookshop. It is signed "Rodini" on the back. This becomes the inspiration for the name Mini Rodini.

70 boxes containing the first Mini Rodini garments (with robot pattern) arrive at Cassandra's home. The clothes are sold in a few selected stores in Stockholm and the collection is soon sold out; it's a roaring success.

Cassandras partner Jon steps in as full-time CEO of Mini Rodini and the company opens its first own store on Nytorgsgatan in Stockholm.

Mini Rodini gets its big international breakthrough with agents and retailers in Japan, USA, Australia and Europe.

Mini Rodini opens a store in the upscale department store NK in Stockholm and is represented by 80 retailers around the world.

By welcoming new staff onboard among other things, Mini Rodini has strengthened all areas of the organisation. We are currently 10 staff and 80% of the collection is made of organic cotton. The large jeans collection will be launched during the fall. This year, Mini Rodini has expanded 120 styles to 250 and is now represented in over 150 locations around the world.

We look to the future with confidence. Sweden has been a good market for us to grow within and, in the course of only a few years, we have become a popular brand that represents something new and modern. However, we know that our clothes also have great potential abroad. We are now making a conscious and broad global venture and we have already established collaborations with selected department stores and high-quality stores all over the world.
Mini Rodini will become an internationally known and acknowledged children’s clothing brand. Our vision is to make Mini Rodini the given choice for contemporary and aware parents, wherever they live – parents that want fashionable, comfortable and environmentally friendly children’s clothes.
If we get our way, there will at some point be a Mini Rodini store in every major city.


brand contact:
Mini Rodini AB
Klippgatan 11
11635 Stockholm
phone +49 864 100 50

Belgium/the Netherlands agent:
MissBonBon Agency

Denmark agent:
Varnish Agency & PR
contact person Sisse Buron

Spain agent:
Maddox Play
contact person Asa Eriksson

United Kingdom agent:
Scoot London

Finland agent:
Monkey Kids
phone +358 407 026 997

Norway agent:
Blender Agency
phone +47 226 069 50
contact person Veslemøy Prestegaard

Japan distributer:
phone +81 334 254 047
contact person Maiko Katsui