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Press Release Spring-Summer 2010

RARE The Kid children, just like their elder brothers and sisters, always choose to hang out in alternative, rather exclusive locations. It is their way of distancing themselves from the banal, of reasserting their unique originality. The photo shoot for the new Spring-Summer 2010 campaign has them close to the place which symbolises summertime: the sea. But the location chosen for these shots is a shipyard and it is almost as if the kids want to meet up to look each other up and down freely before they head off to the sea, sun and sand, this time to play with the others. Because RARE The Kid youngsters are just like other children, they love the same things but, thanks to their unique sensitivity, they always manage to convey a different side of reality. And the same can be said for the clothes they wear: beautiful and comfortable, but with a touch of originality which makes the kids feel that little bit special.


the ra-re the kid collection
RA-RE THE KID made its first appearance at Pitti Bimbo in January 2004 and imme-
diately reaped rewards. On 17 October that same year it won, together with No.l.ita
Pocket, the European Kids Fashion Award in the Trendy category.

RA-RE THE KID clothes children from 2 to 14 years and answers that time-honoured question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”.

RA-RE THE KID kids can make their dreams come true, enjoying themselves by pretending to be make-believe persons or contemporary heroes.

RA-RE THE KID grows up together with a kid’s imagination and can’t wait to provide
them with constantly new stimuli. Each piece of clothing thus becomes the symbol of an imaginary life, something that can be used for playing and for amazing others, an object that becomes alive through the blitheness and spontaneity of the children.

The brand leaves no doubt that it does not intend dressing girls like little Lolitas or the boys like little Lords. It instead chooses to playfully direct the consummate interpre- tations of true kids who wear ever more comfortable as well as glamorous clothes:  clothes for kids, which they like because they not only feel free to move about, but also feel that they fit into a group which experiences and shares the same emotions.

They are clothes to be worn to the full because they stand up to a kid’s energetic life.


brand contact:
Flash&Partners S.p.A. 
Via Tiepolo, 6
35019 Tombolo (PD)
phone +39 049 796 26 00

press contact:
Studio Anna Orioles
Via Garofalo, 4
20133 Milan
phone +39 027 490 274
fax +39 022 395 19 99


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