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Press Release Spring/Summer 2012

Women’s and Children’s Collection Spring/Summer-12 : “POP”

“Pop Art is about liking things”, Andy Warhol.

The Danish fashion brand Soft Gallery has for their S/S-12 children and women’s collection been inspired by Pop Art, a movement, which in a surprising, unique and eclectic way combines the sphere of popular culture with the world of art.

Pop Art is fun, colorful and playful. In our latest POP collection we mix these references with the well-known exclusive and delicate Soft Gallery universe”, says fashion photographer and stylist Barbara Hvidt, who together with designer Tine Holt Møller founded Soft Gallery in 2007 initiated by a shared interest in art and creative collaboration.

Pop Art is characterized by an interest in everyday objects, a playful attitude and a vibrant color scheme. In Soft Gallery’s unique children’s collection these Pop Art references are found in beautiful patterns, embroidery and detailing.

Among the POP-motives you will find hand drawn burgers and pink flamingos, anchors with embroidered rope, water color ice creams, pink cherries, flying balloons and tea-drinking girls. As the pop artists of the 1960s also typography and expressive graphic artwork are key. A distinctive embroidered Soft Gallery logo is featured on one of the styles. The motives are placed on backgrounds of vibrant colors like electric pink, pool blue, bright yellow and poetic lavender. And of course all the classics; white, beige, grey, black and old rose.

Baseball T-shirts, frilly tops, sweat jackets, hoodies, t-shirt, baggy trousers, dresses, gymnastic outfits, oversized T-shirts and jumpsuits are essential parts of the line and a new woven feminine collection for the girls with stripes and contrast bindings is introduced.

Ten unique T-shirts styles are also - due to great demand - to be found in adult sizes.

Furthermore, the collection includes a continuation of the Basic Two-tone series. Here the focus has been to celebrate the traditional subdued Soft Gallery hues like, grey, beige, camel and caramel in classic non fuzzy styles that are elegant on their own, but also mix very well with the more decorated styles from the collection. The Basic Two-tone series has proved to be extremely popular among those into a more simplistic look.

The home collection continues and consists of decorative pillows with new inspiring motives. As something completely new Soft Gallery this season introduce bed sheets adorned with black & white hand drawn owls in sizes for both baby, kids and adults.

For every new collection Tine Holt Møller and Barbara Hvidt, commission different significant visual artists to cre- ate pieces or collaborate on certain themes, which is then translated into a collection.

The Soft Gallery POP collection has this season been fashioned by the gifted artists:

Short biography for the talented artists decorating the Soft Gallery POP collection:

Fontaine Anderson, Southern Australia. Dreams, Japanese textiles, Egyptian Gods, 1980’s clip art, fashion and music inspire Fontaine. She has repeatedly been used for Soft Gallery collections. Her poetic imagery and douche colours create a mood compatible with the universe of Soft Gallery.

Louise Boye Andersen, Copenhagen, Denmark. Gradu- ated from The Danish Design School in 2011. She works as freelance designer and Illustrator. Louise Boye Andersen works in the cross field between art and fashion, where she combines the feminine with both humor and sincerity. She is fascinated by the contrast between the macabre and the beautiful, and in her illustrations she tells stories of human relations and conditions, hand in hand with romantic animal motifs.

Anne Lindberg, Copenhagen, Denmark, Anne graduated from Kolding Design School in 2007, specialising in knit- ted textiles and has since worked with knitwear in fashion. She approaches fashion by working with concepts rather than being a follower of fashion. Her work is characterized by her handcrafted skills, abstract motifs and sophisticated colour range. Anne has created beautiful embroideries for Soft Gallery’s S/S 2012 collection inspired by traditional Japanese patterns.

Rafaela de Campos Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Since childhood Rafaela has created costumes for the Rio Carnival. Her long-term relationship to the carnival clearly shows in her choice of motives, compositions, colours and not least her beautiful artistic embroidery, knitting and printing technique.

Kristine Mandsberg, Copenhagen, Denmark. Graduated from Royal College of Art, London, 2008, specializing in printed textile. Her work is versatile, and often connected to a narrative reflection of the perception of reality. Her work takes form in a mixture of animation, video, textile and illustra- tion. Kristine is also working as a freelance designer around the world.

Sarah Becker, Ålborg, Denmark. Her impressive row of work stretches from the fashion houses of Dior and Galliano in Paris to Danish Television ”Shanes World”. She expresses herself through painting, heavy embroideries and drawings with threads. She combines art and design through vivid colours, mixed textures, humour and an on-going urge to decorate.

Malene Hvidt, Copenhagen, Denmark. Malene has been studying architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Art since 2006. As a parallel to her studies she has been working in the fashion industry the past 7 years. Malene believes that inspiration comes from many places and that the individual process of creativity can be explored and challenged through different medias and perspectives. For the collection Malene has been inspired by some of the iconic symbols of her childhood in the 80’s as the anchor, using wooden kakatoos earrings, having boyish anchor tattoos and loving burgers and animals of all sorts and sizes...

Pretty Little Thieves, L.A, U.S. At a very early age, Nancy Mungcal found her strong love for creating. Whether drawing, painting, or manipulating paper, these mediums serve as her visual voice. She draws upon her experiences and inspirations such as music, the woods and the animals that inhabit them, the connections and disconnections between ourselves, as well as the people she observes and knows to inform her work. Nancy's work has been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Spain, South Korea, and Canada.

Jenny Mörtell, Stockholm, Sweden. is an illustrator from Stockholm, Sweden. She graduated from Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and design in 2004 and have since then been working full time doing illustrations for magazines, advertising, books and fashion as well as her own gallery exhibitions. She is currently based in Brooklyn, New York.

Kitt Maria Stuart Schwenn, Copenhagen, Denmark. Kitt is educated at The Danish Design School, specializing in textile. She does textiles, prints, art and illustration. She finds her inspiration in everyday’s crooked poetry, and her imaginative, played-down and handheld style accentuates a personal and dreamy expression.

Jörn Kaspuhl, Hamburg, Germany, Jörn gratuated from the Department of Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg in 2008. Since then he has gained widely experience in working as a freelance illustrator for several international agencys, magazines, publishers, musicians and fashion-labels. The main focus in his illustrations lays in the handmade drawing. Out of bold and clear lines he expresses his ideas with ink and pen by shaping each image out like a woodcut. With regard to content many pictures have a closeness to animals and nature elements itself. Interwoven organic forms and patterns catch his interest as well as the simplest shape of things.

Philipp Zurmöhle, Berlin, Germany. Philipp is a German Graphic Designer creating illustrations and brand identities. In his personal projects he works on abstract as well as figurative images like his vibrantly drawn ape portraits. His naturalistically illustrated animals often have a vigorous expression, that contrasts with their almost soulless eyes.

Karen Segall, Copenhagen, Denmark. Karen graduated from Copenhagen Design School in 2009, specialising in illustration and art as wearable objects. She finds interesting to make art inspired illustrations, and use them as print, the thought is to make art wearable, and not only hang on the walls! The work is focused on details and old craftwork and old times material use. Karen has created an illustra- tion for boys for Soft Gallery’s S/S 2012 collection with a scorpion on.

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Soft Gallery creates poetic clothing and novelties with a deeper meaning. Soft Gallery seeks to stimulate and uncover creativity through clothing and to inspire our artistic sides. 

Each collection is a living gallery –a gallery on fabric. We combine art and clothing in collaboration with artists from around the world.

Every season Soft Gallery will commission a refined selection of visual artists, who’s individual and distinctive talents will be featured in the collections as prints and hand embroideries. 

The idea behind Soft Gallery emerged from a deep-felt interest in art and creative talents and the idea of sharing artistic thoughts and works with clothing as the canvas.

Soft Gallery has become a simply unique and innovative clothing label that has increased its collections continuously since established in 2007, in Copenhagen, Denmark, by Tine Holt Møller and Barbara Hvidt.

Soft Gallery supports Danish Indian Childcare when selling clothes produced in India. All pieces made in India are recognized by a special hangtag.

About Tine Holt Møller 
Tine is 39 years old and has two kids Ida 6 years and Norman 9 years. She graduated with a master from Royal College of Art women’s fashion in 2000. Tine has worked for various design companies including: Mila Schön, Kenzo Ki and Brunns Bazaar.

About Barbara Hvidt 
Barbara is 37 Years old and has two kids, Nola 6 years and Siggi 8 years. She graduated from London College Of Fashion in 2001, with majors in Photography & Styling. Barbara lived and worked in London for 10 years within fashion, music videos and commercials. And when time allows it Barbara is part of a directing/photography duo with her partner in life.

Barbara and Tine met in London, during their fist years of our studies. As Barbara photographed Tine’s master degree collection from Royal College of Art during her own studies at London College of Fashion, the beginning of a close creative friendship and partnership took shape.

Soft Gallery can be found in the following countries:
USA, Australia, Japan, China, Korea, Brazil, France, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Finland, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden & United Kingdom. 


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