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Press Release Autumn-Winter 2012/13

Women’s and Children’s Collection Autumn/Winter 2012 : “LOVE is”

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“Love is in the air - here, there & everywhere”

It’s all about love in the A/W-12 women and children’s collection by Danish fashion brand Soft Gallery. The new collection is named LOVE is and it features the tender care from a series of commissioned artists, who has decorated styles in a fashion that combines warm autumn thoughts with the tenderness of mystical fairy tales and enchanted forests.

“Without love there would not be as much art, inspiration and affection. In our latest LOVE is collection we encourage people to dress to uplift the change of the season”, says fashion photographer and designer Barbara Hvidt, who together with designer Tine Holt Møller founded Soft Gallery in 2007 initiated by a shared interest in art and creative collaboration.

Among the LOVE is motives you will find warmly dressed animals, which strolls hand in hand in the woods. In this forest strange supernatural creatures like fauns and fables emerge. Quirky animals with their own style and mood are walking in the deep woods, investiga-ting, looking for traces and magic mushrooms.

Loving couples protect themselves from the autumn rain under their umbrellas, while rain and wind whirls the autumn leaves. Lovers walk hand in hand, as enchanted animals appear from the woods, shouting, screaming looking for a partner to sheer the hibernation with. They all come together. To be together. To stick together in love. 

The LOVE is collection is characterized by the warmth of autumn colours: Mustard, sombre blue, aubergine, salt & pepper melange mixes, plum, dusty rose, warm grey & black. It all works beautifully with the colourful artworks and all-over prints. A smoky I love u is in the air, a romantic couple is holding hand; a bear accompanies a cuddling group of friends with tie and a rabbit with bow. Mysterious foot steps, a poisonous mushroom, a fox with an eye patch, a penguin with a tuxedo jacket, an owl with a raincoat and a hand embroidered umbrella, the classic soft gallery owl and peacock with beautiful feathers are part of the enchanted universe. Multi faces with big black glasses appear along side with a girl beneath a rainy cloud... not happy with the weather. 

In the new collection you also will find more for the boys. Wide tone in tone striped pants, shirts in double sided checks, T-shirts, and jackets, rough reverse sweatshirts as well as chunky multi melange sweats. 

Among the new items for girls and grown ups are oversized knitted cardigans and hats. The silhouettes feature nicely rounded shapes that are accompanied by ruffles, beautiful detailing and subtle piping. Trousers and tops and dresses with feminine collars, frills and pleats combined with a graphic and simple silhouettes.

For the women’s collection Soft Gallery introduces a knit wear programme in multi melange aubergine/black tones with small fitted jacket, long oversize cardigan, sweater and hoodies. The collection features individual items with fine detailing and has taken a direction towards a more clean and modern, rough look.

A new underwear programme is presented in beautiful colours in subtle yarn with fine contrast colour lace trim as well as new cotton programmes with multi hand painted raindrops print on soft cotton tops and dresses.

The Basic Two-tone series come in new beautiful muted colours: T-shirts and dresses that match the colours of the falling raindrops. Cool shirts, hoodies and baggy pants, a sweat tuxedo jacket for the boys and beautiful tops with artworks by the various brilliant artists.

The home collection continues and consists of the hand drawn owl bed sheets and decorative pillows and with new inspiring motives for babies, kids and adults. 

For every new collection Tine Holt Møller and Barbara Hvidt, commission different significant visual artists to create pieces or collaborate on certain themes, which is then translated into a collection. 

The Soft Gallery’s collection has this season been fashioned by the talented artists:

Lissa Thimn, Phillip Zurmuhle, Jenny Mortsell, Lisa Grue, Helene Møberg Johansen, Kitt Maria Stuart Schwenn, Pretty Little Thieves and Claire Scully.

Soft Gallery will be attending the following fairs: 
Kleine Fabriek, Amsterdam // January 15th - 16th. 2012 // Stand No. AllŽe03 // 

Playtime, Paris // January 28nd. - 30th. 2012 // Stand No. M16 // 

CPH Kids, Copenhagen // February 2nd. - 5th. 2012 // Stand No T1-016A //


Soft Gallery creates poetic clothing and novelties with a deeper meaning. Soft Gallery seeks to stimulate and uncover creativity through clothing and to inspire our artistic sides. 

Each collection is a living gallery –a gallery on fabric. We combine art and clothing in collaboration with artists from around the world.

Every season Soft Gallery will commission a refined selection of visual artists, who’s individual and distinctive talents will be featured in the collections as prints and hand embroideries. 

The idea behind Soft Gallery emerged from a deep-felt interest in art and creative talents and the idea of sharing artistic thoughts and works with clothing as the canvas.

Soft Gallery has become a simply unique and innovative clothing label that has increased its collections continuously since established in 2007, in Copenhagen, Denmark, by Tine Holt Møller and Barbara Hvidt.

Soft Gallery supports Danish Indian Childcare when selling clothes produced in India. All pieces made in India are recognized by a special hangtag.

About Tine Holt Møller 
Tine is 39 years old and has two kids Ida 6 years and Norman 9 years. She graduated with a master from Royal College of Art women’s fashion in 2000. Tine has worked for various design companies including: Mila Schön, Kenzo Ki and Brunns Bazaar.

About Barbara Hvidt 
Barbara is 37 Years old and has two kids, Nola 6 years and Siggi 8 years. She graduated from London College Of Fashion in 2001, with majors in Photography & Styling. Barbara lived and worked in London for 10 years within fashion, music videos and commercials. And when time allows it Barbara is part of a directing/photography duo with her partner in life.

Barbara and Tine met in London, during their fist years of our studies. As Barbara photographed Tine’s master degree collection from Royal College of Art during her own studies at London College of Fashion, the beginning of a close creative friendship and partnership took shape.

Soft Gallery can be found in the following countries:
USA, Australia, Japan, China, Korea, Brazil, France, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Finland, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden & United Kingdom. 


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