SS 2010

Datch Dudes

Press Release Spring-Summer 2010

College bon ton for spare time, total black or white look for formal occasions, gold touches for crazy nights, surf inspiration for beach time and ’70-‘80 punk contaminations : these are the datch dudes themes for the next 2010 summer. A jubilation of colours and styles to wear the dudes generation during any moment of the summer.

The dudes boy, during his spare time, wears out a pretended to be lord style, wearing ironically blazer and bermuda in tartan fabrics or regimental stripes, matching them with shirts with tye or polo rugby style. For the junior girl, instead, a college style that calls to mind a Parisienne fashion coco chanel style with its pleated short skirts that have to be worn out with personalized t-shirts with the
favourite poppy print, tassels and rhinestones. Tres chic the tartan dress with micro shawl. Colours are pastel tones, from pink to red, blu midnightblue cobalto and articblue.

For formal occasions a noncolour proposal: the total white and black look. Dudes girl pretends to be a dark lady, t-shirts with dancer prints, balck and white cats with pink-fluo colours or wearing light pois satin dresses. For boys a uniform look following the autumn/winter 09/10 success. Wide range of choices among sweatshirts, t-shirt and marine look polo in black and white version. To complete the look a chino bermuda shorts and black blazer. An alternative, for informal moments, multi pocket jeans heavy popeline.

Irreverent Dudes girl covered with gold: thousands of rhinestones and fringes on t-shirts, top in white and melange grey colour, to match with white and sand colour shorts and skirts with special gold effect thanks to satin and velvet fabrics.

The electric stars proposal has been studied to dress up the datch dudes boys in a comfortable and sportive way both for school and for free time. He wears out the bermuda trousers in denim colour and sweatshirt-jackets with flash and funny chromatic prints. The girl, instead, is inspired by ‘70/80 punk icon, Blondie, for t-shirts with macro slogan and peace symbols; typical ’80 glamour mood sweatshirts with silver rhinestones, silver velure tracksuits with allover prints to shine anytime everywhere.

For denim, datch dudes proposes for the new summer season vintage natural look garments, trousers have an old look with rips, abrasions studied to seem “real”. For girls fashion denim garments with colourful patches, seams and rhinestones. The taylor jeans, with a tailor style created with linen fabrics and seams with a three-dimensional effect. The denim Datch dudes collection is fashionable and comfortable: all kind of jeans have an adjustable belt so that the trouser fits different kind of bodies

For dudes generation beach garments inspired by surf legenda. Full colour fantasy for bermuda trousers, cotton shirts with comfortable fitting with scarf and hood.

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Studio Anna Orioles – Via Garofalo 4 20133 Milano – Tel./Fax 02.7490274

T-shirts with surf vintage prints have been proposed in many colours and have been marche with foulards. The girl wears tops with esotics prints to match with bermuda and jeans with vintage rips and colourful rhinestones.

The summer is knocking at the door and the young dudes are ready for a new colourful adventure.


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Rubra s.r.l.
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