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Press Release Autumn-Winter 2011/12

The new CONCORD AIR baby car seat: discover lightness

CONCORD, the manufacturer located in Stadtsteinach, Germany, has a new product in its Driving division: the CONCORD AIR baby car seat for the 0+ group. It weighs around 2.9 kg, which makes it the most lightweight baby car seat of its type currently on the market. The big advantage for parents: its low weight means it can be effortlessly lifted, carried and moved from the car to the pushchair or pram.

In addition, the CONCORD AIR baby car seat has innovative safety construction features. In a similar manner to a cycling helmet, the inner surface of the car seat is reinforced with a honeycomb structure. This results in outstanding damping characteristics in the event of an impact.

The rest of the safety features are also more than presentable. The three-point strap system means the baby is kept securely in place in a moving car. The optional AIRFIX Isofix platform lets you secure the car seat even more conveniently and firmly. The adapter on the car seat not only fits the Isofix platform, it is also designed for both the CONCORD NEO and CONCORD FUSION TRAVEL SYSTEM pushchairs. You can fasten the CONCORD AIR to the pushchair in a single movement - easily, quickly and securely.

A number of functional details ensure simple operation. The headrest adjusts to three different positions and the straps automatically adjust their length to match. Thanks to the multifunctional button, you have several functions at your fingertips: including handle adjustment and release of the TRAVEL SYSTEM adapter.

Of course, comfort for your infant is another of our main concerns. The CONCORD AIR baby care seat is fitted with soft, padded covers that are easy to remove and wash. For optimal reclining comfort, simply adjust the main strap beneath the seat - far away from tender baby feet. Thes means no uncomfortable chafing or disruption to the baby's sleep.

The extraordinary lightweigth CONCORD AIR baby car seat is now available in speciality shops.


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For more than 30 years, Concord’s goal has been to support adults and children as they go about their everyday lives. Its core competency lies in the development and manufacture of high-quality children’s car seats which incorporate state-of-the-art safety technology. Since 2006, Concord has gradually expandedits product range. With its three product areas Driving, Moving and Living, Concord not only offers parents children’s car seats, but also buggies, travel systems and children’s furniture.

Concord apply its experience in the field of children’s car seats to the development of new products. With specialist know-how and a huge enthusiasm for innovation, its employees come up with excellent and surprising solutions time and again. The company values of simplicity, personality, quality and service are evident in everything they do.

Concord ensure that its products suit the changing needs and requirements of its customers. Concord products are designed to relieve parents of some of the burden of their everyday tasks. Its high level of design quality means that the customers not only want to use Concord products, but also enjoy using them.

Concord's products

Maximum safety, the ulitmate in seating comfort, easy handling - where child car seats are concerned Concord never compromise. Top quality goes hand in hand with exceptional design.

Concord gives parents and children infinite mobility. With its buggies and travel systems, they have real flexibility whatever the route or situation. And the design will attract amiring glances too.

Concord's high quality children't products for the home are the epitome of intelligent functionality. Their bright and bold design means they also go perfectly with parents' modern home dècor and lifestyle.

Concord's values

Concord products are practical and functional. They are optimally designed to meet children’s needs and help parents manage their everyday lives.

Concord products are easy to understand. They focus on the essential tasks that they have been designed for and are easy and intuitive to operate.

Concord products are designed in a logical way and appeal because of their high design quality. Their clear, independent design language is powerful and striking without being flashy.

Concord uses high-quality and child-safe materials which perform their functions in an optimal way. The construction and manufacturing processes result in solid, reliable, long-lasting and robust products.

Concord places great value on a high level of customer satisfaction. Concord looks after the needs of its customers, answers their queries and offers them a comprehensive and professional service.


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