SS 2010


Press Release Spring-Summer 2010

The brand for new borns which concentrates its audience on that of the “new young
family” where the father figure now assumes a different set of values in respect to those of the past: always more involved in the upbringing of the newborn and more attentive to their needs.

Key elements are the design, practicality and versatility but above all the ecology of the garments: the fabrics at Mufinandco, like all the lines from Keyart, have the Oeko certification – a guaranteed TexStandard 100, simply making sure that they are all hypoallergenic and safe.


The basic line: made up of air tex polos, light jumpers, jersey t-shirts all in sparkling light colours with the Muffinandco label printed all over, was conceived with the idea of taking care of the general needs of a baby.

The young male collection: Full of Oxford cotton shirts, polos and caro pants with gilets and jackets in twill turned down in navy blue, sand, milk, white and light blue.  The ‘must have’ of the season has to be the navy bomber jacket with sparkling white sleeves.

The collection for baby girls is a mix of dresses and blouses with puff ball and red rose detailing in jersey linen that give the line a taste of folk styling.

For special occasions there are also all in ones and romper suits, dresses and jackets with the famous Dutch majolica printed in indigo blue, grey and milk.


brand contact:
Keyart Srl
Via Lama 52/A
41012 Carpi (MO)
phone +39 059 643 213 
fax +39 059 692 075

press contact:

Via Bartolommeo Scala,8/A4 
50129 Florence
phone +39 055 698 021
fax +39 055 698 150

showroom contact:
Showroom Keyart
Via Tortona, 28
20144 Milan
phone +39 028 975 11 20