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Press Release Spring-Summer 2010


Summer comes and the girls open their closets in search of their favourite leaders.
Heavy clothes aside the desire of t-shirt, shorts and dress light returns, even more
colourful and full of light ... ... .. and found Onelove.
Always more in this collection creativity and imagination forge a magical alliance that combines the soft phrases in animals so fun to tear a smile to mother and father. It is a  series of press prints colour and spirit enriched by shiny rhinestones and dainty details coordinated with good taste and refinement. And this season's range also broderie to give that touch of femininity more.
A complete collection, which focuses on the t-shirt but it develops in a similar manner total look perfectly matched. Skirts, sweaters, pants and dresses to wear in their leisure time but also in the important occasions. Onelove girls love to feel at ease anytime and anywhere.
Great attention to detail and research materials, which has always been strengths of the brand, maintain the high quality of a collection aimed at an audience that wants a product that lasts over time.

In the spring summer turns on the colour hue. Pink, fuchsia, purple, green, light blue next to the classic and indispensable white and blue.
Sweet as puppies printed on Onelove outfits the little children are going to the new
season with renewed enthusiasm and great zest for life.

Company Profile

Onelove, a young Milanese brand specialized in little girls clothing, is about to take 5 years. Born in 2005, based on enthusiasm and determination of two young partners Alice Davoli and Federico De Berardinis, Onelove begins his journey by focusing on the production of basic t-shirts customized with funny and ironic prints embellished with rhinestones and hand embroidery. 

Thanks to  the very positive market response, the collection has expanded by offering ever more complete look of dresses, sweaters and knitwear. 

The project grows and the need arises, two years later, to found a company dedicated exclusively to the mark Onelove, the MAF Diffusione srl.

Right from the start, strong emphasis is placed on the quality of the product through an internal creative team constantly engaged in research of high quality materials and innovation.

The brand, which is pursuing the policy of "step by step",  decided first of all to strengthen the presence in the country and only few times later to turn to the foreign market that already shows interest in the product Onelove. 

Today there are about 230 shops in Italy medium-high target that sell the brand and  over 100 across Europe. From the spring / summer 2010 collection will also be present in Great Britain, in the heart of London, with a corner in the department store Harrods. 

Despite his young age Onelove has already gained a respectable place in the market dedicated to kids / teenagers, thanks to reliability, continuity and reliability demonstrated until now. 

This is one of the reasons why a few months ago was made a partnership agreement with the company New Simonetta which has been given the trademark license. An obvious choice because the growth of the brand that has significantly increased the production and, therefore, preferred to rely on a company with a huge production and distribution expertise. The MAF Dffusione continues to focus its efforts on stylistic and commercial

Press Contact :
Cristina Righetti
mob. +39 347 4263251


brand contact:
Maf Diffusione
Via Carlo d'Adda, 8
phone +39 024 963 04 06
email commerciale@onelovemilano.it

press contact:
Cristina Righetti
phone +39 347 426 32 51


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