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Top players in the world of fashion for a top fashion show. The 75th edition of FIMI, the International Fair Children’s and Young People’s Fashion Fair – is set to take place from 6th to 8th July next and the organisers planning a major celebration to mark the occasion, in the form of a tribute to one of the world’s foremost fashion designers, Elio Berhanyer. Known as Master Berhanyer, he is a master at combining haute couture and prêt-à-porter to perfection, and his designs blend geometric lines, solid structure and architectural volumes. In October 2011 he won the NATIONAL FASHION DESIGN PRIZE, an accolade awarded by the Ministry of Culture. The look for the 76th edition of the fair (Autumn-Winter 2013-2014), which is being launched in July, will also be a tribute to this designer, who has made history in the fashion world.

Someone else who has made history is Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, one of the most internationally renowned designers – and designer of the look for the 75th FIMI – who is also one of those who has worked the most in and with the world of children, a world full of magic and colour that will be on show at FIMI in a dedicated exhibition of fashion, footwear, furniture, accessories, toys... just about everything this designer and the children could imagine.

FIMI, the longest established children’s fashion fair in the world, and the world’s leading designers. 75 or more reasons to enjoy both FIMI and SEE ME, the Designers’ Space.

FIMI: Solidarity in Fashion

FIMI’s new Project, ‘Solidarity in Fashion’, which was so successful at the last fair, is being re-launched for this 75th show. Many of FIMI’s exhibitors responded to the call for a show of solidarity and the response speaks volumes.

FIMI Fashion Show

One of the major events at the fair is the FIMI Fashion Show, which brings together an outstanding selection of Spanish and international companies chosen by FIMI’s Activities Committee, which comprises prominent professionals from the fashion world. Signed up for the runway show thus far are OH Soleil, Bambolina, Bóboli, Lea Lelo, Lourdes, Larrana, Rubio Kids, Barcarola, Oca-Loca, Jo&Jo and Pan con Chocolate.

In addition to the FIMI Fashion Show there will also be the ‘Día Mágico’ (‘Magical Day’) – communion and occasion wear –, Gran Canaria Moda Cálida – which so far will be featuring manufacturers Rosa La Cave, Elena Rubio, El Barquito de Papel, Delia Miranda and Gabriel Croissier – and the swimwear fashion parade.

This fair promises to showcase an extensive product offering, supported by a substantial and significant presence of Spanish and international professional buyers.  The fair’s number one objective is to become fully international, targeting two areas in particular, Iberoamerica and the Arab countries, but not forgetting major markets such as Russia, which is a great admirer of children’s fashion from Spain.

Everything that is new for the upcoming Spring-Summer season will be on show in different forms of setting including the designers’ own parades and exclusive product displays. The main focus of the FIMI offering is children’s fashion, followed by footwear and accessories, with a significant presence at this summer show of swimwear and occasion wear. In third place in the ‘ranking’ are textiles and layette, followed by gifts and decor. This time round FIMI will be making space for maternity collections in its FIMIMOM’s event.

Exhibits: added value at FIMI

There are a number of ways for fashion to show itself off at FIMI. These include the various exhibits that all professionals visiting FIMI should see as they reflect the world of ideas. In the Moulage exhibit for example design school students mould fabrics provided by the exhibitors into volumes, shapes, textures, even sensations – all live. Communion and occasion wear will be on show in the ‘Magical Day’ exhibit, whilst footwear, in the “Excitement on Foot” exhibit, completes the range.  Reinterpreting fashion, giving it fresh artistic twists - this is what these exhibits, created to be seen, observed and enjoyed, seek to do.

All of the above is being complemented by the first FIMI Magical Day Photography Competition, which is open to schools of photography, novice photographers and image creatives. Registered entrants will have to produce a photographic reportage of the exhibition of products and the special Communion and Occasion Wear runway show, which will again feature a large selection of specialist manufacturers.

Nuditos is growing up

FIMI is growing as a showcase on the back of all the events related to children’s fashion and the world of children and continues to progress towards being a concept fair in which children’s fashion is the absolute focus, by means of new formulae in which creativity is key to devising unique staging. One of these formulae is Nuditos, which is being staged for the second time. This is a stand-alone exhibit with its own identity, as is necessary for the creativity it showcases to be seen and appreciated.  The many different ways of understanding the world of children on view to everyone, within the reach of all who wish to see them. The number of exhibitors is growing all the time. All students on courses at an Official Design Centre, professionals and design schools that focus particularly on fashion and the world of children, accessories, footwear, textile printing, graphic design – Nuditos is open to them all.

Nuditos is an opportunity for young fashion designers and an investment in the future for manufacturers.

Another of the initiatives within SEE ME is the SEE ME WALKING event, where today’s professionals and those of the future meet and communicate with one another with design as a common thread. Students, designers and manufacturers are more than welcome. What is more, some of the big names in Spanish fashion will be taking part in SEE ME WALKING.

Last but not least, several major manufacturers will be staging their debut appearances at the upcoming 75th edition of FIMI, such as prestigious Replay&Sons. 


FIMI, International Children's and Young People's Fashion Fair.

FIMI is one of the biggest Children's and Young People's Fashion event that attracts buyers and exhibitors from all over the world, who come together at one of the most multi-faceted, international events there is for the industry. A vital sector for a vitalist fair. Full of ideas, spaces, stands to fit your needs. Together we built this great event.

Twice yearly, Trade professionals only.


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