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Baby Bum Sao Paulo



Seven years of experience with our sales fair “Baby Bum” has made us come to realise that end-consumers are very aware of international market trends. They see the latest sites which show products for children and they compare notes. We at Baby Bum therefore strive to present a range of the most modern, special and different articles available for children.

The growing success of our fair has been significant and ever more retailers from within Sao Paulo and beyond visit our event looking for new suppliers, new ideas and more personalised and creative products. As we systematically visit trade fairs, discovering exhibitors for our specific market area, we have found a great dearth of design for children.

Therefore our intention to create a wholesale trade fair for retailers arose. To supply a mix of products which will both transmit an idea and to show a road to follow is our aim. We believe children’s fashion is ahead of children’s decor and propose to bring these two to an equal standing.

“Baby Bum para lojistas” intends to bring design presently well established in the adult world to the child’s universe by inviting brand names to develop these very lines.

This of course we wish to do without limiting our varied line of products- ( for which we are well known) - to our retailers.

Other than this, we offer the retailers  a chance to see presentations closely related to their businesses as well as access to companies who offer various products regarding the retail trade other than market trends:  in-store design, visual merchandising, financial adviser, and more.

Baby Bum Para Lojistas also offers:

free transport between us and another trade fair happening simultaneously.

In-house Buffet: courtesy soups, salads and drinks are offered to the retailers.


fair contact
Bazar Baby Bum
phone +11 925 584 55
contact person Graziella Soubhia


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