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Little Barcelona

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The second Little Barcelona, a fair dedicated to everything that has to do with children, closed its doors last week with a new success in its short history. In two days, more than 70 brands demonstrated their spring/summer 2013 season collections to the large professional audience that visited Pedralbes Royal Palace, in Barcelona (Spain).

The innovative exhibition received 1,400 visitors, who, once again, were wowed by the originality of the offers present there. The search for new brands that develop distinct quality products represents the value added by Little Barcelona, which was converted into a launching pad for creators and projects dedicated to our little ones. These finds coexist in harmony with consolidated national and international brands, such as Little Zadig&Voltaire, Tumble’n Dry, Maxomorra, Nice Things Mini and Tarantela.

In spite of the difficult times the economy is going through, the satisfaction of buyers and exhibitors was apparent in the halls of the Royal Palace since Little Barcelona opened its doors on Sunday 15 July. The fair, which occupied the ground floor of the palace, brought together clothing, accessories and footwear brands, also incorporating decorative products, toys and books.

In the outdoor gardens, workshops for children that were open to the public went on throughout the day. These workshops enjoyed participation by several families. The first Little Barcelona catwalk took place late in the afternoon, and Beee tú, Elisabeth Puig, Gang, Maxomorra, Minidunadú, My Bag’s, Nice Things Mini, Paglie, Piu et Nau and Tumble’ n Dry participated in it.

After the catwalk, which was repeated on Monday morning, the second Little Award was awarded to Columbian Illustrator Catalina Estrada, whose work is inspired by nature and is characterized by its brilliant colours. Among her most distinguished works is her collaboration with companies such as Paul Smith, Camper, Levis, Nike, Coca-Cola... and the local governments of London and Barcelona.

On Monday, Little Barcelona was visited by Helena Rakosnik, the wife of the President of Generalitat Artur Más, who was accompanied by Miquel Rodríguez, Manager of the Consortium for Trade, Crafts and Fashion of Catalonia (Consorci de Comerç, Artesania i Moda de Catalunya - CCAM). Both of them showed their interest in and enthusiasm for this initiative by three entrepreneurs –Ana Castán, Javier Royo and Silvia Tarrés- by giving very positive opinions of it and highlighting its originality and the importance of companies in the newly created branch having a place to display their work. During their visit, they greeted exhibitors and visitors, and took the opportunity to get to know more details about projects, production processes, and the international vocation of the majority of the brands...

In addition to visits by national buyers, Little Barcelona is continuing to take steps toward its internationalization, and on this occasion doubled the number of foreign visitors. The exhibition also enjoyed the presence of representatives of leading children's fashion editorial staffs, both national and international, as well as the presence of online media and specialized bloggers.

On Monday, the organizational team was visited by Giuliana Parabiago, from Vogue Bambini, a point of reference around the world. Representatives of magazines such as Milk, Collezioni Bambini, Kids Wear, Be Kids... also visited Little Barcelona, which signifies an improvement in the international recognition of the fair. 

All of the well-known media outlets agreed on the uniqueness of Little Barcelona, commenting on the selection of brands, which they liked a lot, and praising the element of surprise and the capacity of the management team of the exhibition to bring new brands with a different product together with consolidated brands with a very high quality product, such as Little Zadig&Voltaire, Tumble ‘n Dry, Shampoodle, Violeta e Federico, Nice Things Mini and footwear brand Oca-Loca.

The organizers of Little Barcelona have already begun planning the next Little Barcelona fair, which is set to take place in February 2013. They are considering possible locations, since one of the characteristics of this fair is changing scenery each time. In addition, the fair will be celebrating its first anniversary in February, which will give occasion to a celebration at a Little Barcelona that will surely be full of surprises.

Madrid. Calle Hortaleza, 64 1º Izq. 28004. T. +34 915 231 760
Barcelona. Rambla Catalunya, 75  2º 4ª. 08007. T. +34 932 722 258


Little Barcelona was born in February 2012, with the objective of becoming the meeting point between the manufacturers and the professional market in children’s fashion, uncovering new and innovating offers from renowned and emerging brands.

Throughout their short carrier, Little Barcelona has focused on innovation and originality when picking exhibiting brands, making a rigorous selection of products true to the identity and quality standards of their exhibition. 

The fair supports all Spanish producers who choose Little Barcelona to launch their first collections as well as recognized foreign firms who are exhibiting in Spain for the first time. Additionally, they welcome international brands who are searching for new ideas and innovative manufacturers. 

Little Barcelona has managed to diversify and broaden the offer all around the world of children’s fashion. 


fair contact
Ana Castán Puente
phone +34 687 719 902 

Silvia Tarréz
phone +34 659 795 886 


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