Golden Goose Deluxe Brand - Childish thoughtlessness

They are not like the other brands and that's what makes them successful. The Venetian couple Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo imbed our feet in fine leather sneakers, always covered by a star...More

Zirkuss - A perfect match

Fashionwise they've always missed something for their kids and one day in 2010 Patrizia Jaeger and Lucia Marchettini stopped talking about it and started Zirkuss. An online shop that sometimes comes...More

Motherhood - Anita Zabludowicz

What are the stereotypes of motherhood? And what does it mean to be a mother today? Kid’s Wear invites twelve mothers to discuss the identity of motherhood. Our fifth mother is Anita Zabludowicz a...More

Anne-Claire Petit Accessoires - Time is ripe!

Colourful crochet work - already from afar you can recognize it's Anne-Claire Petit Accessoires. And when Anne-Claire herself gives her creative mind full scope, we see crocheted irons and pineapples...More

Minimal - Don't hurt your eyes

Minimalistic is the interior and Minimal the perfect name for the shop. When Hanna Reischl opened her kids concept store in Vienna's Westbahnstrasse 3, her fine sense of labels and style pointed her...More

Vingino - There's a new Teen in Town!

La Selezione di Gino. Growing up means growing out. Growing out of the sizes, out of the childish cheeky details, out of the sweaters and jeans and dresses chosen by mum and dad. Now, they want to...More

Molo - S/S 2014

Our seaplane flies through the blue sky over the glistening beaches, fragrant palm trees and wide, turquoise ocean. At a safe distance, proud crocodiles show off their embellished skin and sharp...More

Add Junior - The Add Head

A chat with Maurizio Cittone, founder of ADD, in his Milan home near Naviglio. A portrait of an authentic and humorous man always prepared to put himself on the line, talking about art, knowledge and...More

Oilily - The diversity of the Dutch Orient

Vast plains of blooming tulips, dotted with the odd windmill, bicycle bells, people laughing in colourful fabrics and a picnic with croquettes, cheese and liquorice drops. Holland! It’s Holland!...More

Backcloth S/S 2014

What will kids want to wear in Spring/Summer 2014? No trend report can tell you that. No child can say for sure. But you can learn to get a feel for it.  A guide. PREPARATION.No child reads a...More

Armani Junior - Armani.

Approaching his 80th birthday – and 40 years after the launch of his mythical brand – Giorgio Armani speaks of his work with the same enthusiasm, the same abnegation and the same far-sightedness as...More

Diesel - For Kids

The new Diesel headquarters is a very special place. It’s a site designed for encounters and collaboration, for sharing and intellectual exchange, for energy and creativity. Everything has been...More