Joolz - Adding positivity

Joolz is a thoughtful company. They want to add meaning to our lifestyle, contribute to a positive and healthy living. Their so-called "Positive Design" is the credo that turns up...More

MiniMe - Invest in a clever part

There are only few remarkable kids concept stores in Germany, and a new and very remarkable one has just opened in Hamburg. Owner Annika Fröhlich is from the fashion business and has a distinctive...More

Simonetta - Multi-brands in town

At first, in the 1950s, Simonetta started as an exclusive line in founder Maria Bianca Mazzarini Stronati's shop in Jesi. After decades, the growth of the brand and the addition of other brands,...More

Lelefante con le ghette - With love from Milan

Milan is full of fashion, and full of fashion for kids. At Via Crema 14, Lelefante con le ghette sets a good example for a kids' store 100% made with love. The three friends Erika, Federica and...More

Krutter - Eager to play

When a young woman, a skilled tailor, is supposed to create bride dresses, she is usually far away from a colourful children's world. But Birgitta Sonn isn't. Children's fashion caught her attention...More

Advice from a Caterpillar - Being able to see the child

Located in Toronto's city center right next to the main shopping street, the bright shop window of Advice from a Caterpillar invites to stop by and explore all the treasures for kids aged newborn to...More

Liberty - Modern English with Bohemia

Carrying a long tradition can lead to stolidness or obsolete attitudes - but not at Liberty. The department store and design studio with a history that has started in the late 19th century is still...More

Petit Bateau - 120 Years Afloat

When a boat circles around the globe, quite a few people might wonder when it is eventually going to enter a port. But the celebrations on deck are way too thrilling: for the anniversary there is a...More

Superstrash Girls - A Supertrash Journey

It’s a travel story. About the truly interactive socialites. They travel with their independent mums, to visit friends, to see the world, to interact, and they enjoy fantastic journeys with the...More

Talc - The ultimate mix of fashion and childhood

In 2007, Thérèse Yang and Catherine Chabas set up Talc, a sharp, affordable clothing brand for kids. Thérèse Yang was a style and art teacher at the fashion design school Studio Berçot, a buyer and...More

Molo - 10 years of Molo

Ten years. molo has carried their beautiful wondrously prints and quirky designs from Denmark out to the world for ten years now. They celebrate their 10th anniversary with a special molo favourites...More

Dsquared² - 11 January 2013:

...this was the official birthday of Dsquared² Junior, the new line for kids aged from 0 to 14 launched by the renowned fashion brand and due to make its debut with a Spring-Summer collection in...More