Jottum - Homecoming S/S 13

It all began with a story in which a young girl was showing off her new skirt in school. A cloud of tulle, richly decorated with shiny satin ribbons, it attracted plenty of admiration and awoke in...More

Macarons - The Macarons Mindset S/S 13

Macarons textiles are intelligent and emphatically timeless. Every garment expresses clever, functional design and comfort in equal measure. It’s like wrapping your child in a soft cocoon, keeping...More

Molo - It's Molo art S/S 13

“Kid, don’t paint on the walls!” they always say.“Kid, don’t paint on the floor!” they say.“Kid, don’t paint on the table!”“… and don’t paint your sister!”“Paint on a T-shirt!” Molo says, and creates...More

Monnalisa - For boys S/S 13

Monnalisa, the Arezzo-based label launched in 1968 by Piero Iacomoni and Barbara Bertocci, today chairman and creative director of the company respectively, continues to grow and expand. New stores,...More

Wovenplay S/S 13

Wovenplay is a well-conceived American kidswear label that purveys aesthetic, practical and aware children’s fashion. The collections Katherine Edmonds designs are instantly recognisable and stand...More

Mi.Mi.Sol S/S 13

The latest Imelde Bronzieri line takes its name from the first three notes of the most enchanting lullaby ever composed, Brahms’s Lullaby, and in the same poetic manner as the latter it appeals to...More

El Naturalista - Where are you from? S/S 13

Our origin, that is where our roots are and exactly these should be able to stretch out into a healthy ground. El Naturalista is grounded in Spanish La Rioja and in the philosophy of nature, which...More

Moschino - The happy Italian way

When Franco Moschino founded his brand in 1983, he called for more fun in fashion and played with elements from dadaism, surrealism and pop art. The heart and the peace sign are steady fellows ever...More

KidsRoomZoom - Aesthetic is a value

Paola Noé wants to create a real house for children to understand the children's world nowadays and to be able to operate in it. She expresses her aim through her blog and the concept store projects...More

Joolz - Ode to Tokyo S/S 13

Hiyoko Imai draws wild ducks and white truffles; she produces colourful paper compositions, which are as beautiful as they are intricate and quirky. An apple, a fox, a swarm of dots which changes...More

kid's wear & Playtime & Bowerbird - An inter-galactic project

The photo project tradition of kid's wear and Playtime continues. This time the trade show's audience can get a picture taken with an inter-galactic hat of their choice: saturn, the moon, the sun......More

Basile - Keeping the identity

The front of the shop is carried out in teak and crowned with a lighthouse with lit up windows, the shop windows intensify the impact of the creative way in which the owner displays a wide variety of...More