Elfen Couture - About foreign beauty and foreign needs

Berlin brand Elfen Couture creates sophisticated fashion collections for little girls as an hommage to beauty and to sweet childhood memories. We spoke to sole director Selina v. Holleben about their upcoming fashion show and charity event, foreign inspirations and fashion as a message of your mindset.

1 When did you start Elfen Couture?
The Brand Elfen Couture for boys and girls was founded in 2006 and was relaunched in 2011 as The House of Elfen Couture, only for sophisticated girls fashion on the edge of reason.

2 What was the inspiration for the current collection?
I moved to the Medina in Marrakech for a month project from February to June 2011. Our time there was an amazing life experience and an endless resource for the current collection MOVES – that is partly inspired by the rhythms of Morocco and also the artist Sonia Delaunay.
Africa resonates differently to Europe, has its own sounds and particular rhythm. This rhythm and the Arab Spring movement that began at that time both inspired me to look into the question “How is movement created?”. Ultimately this is also a question Isaac Newton pondered his entire life and never found an answer to. Sonia Delaunay and the Orphism movement also explored rhythm and movement in an artistic context. As such, one can see this collection as paying homage to Delaunay, Morocco and Movement.
Highlights of the MOVES collection include the opulent silk kaftans, but also the colourful caps and: Everything is made in Berlin!

3 What's the most important trend at the moment?
I always trust in my own instinct for our collections and tend not to look too much at what is going on around me. Saying that, what I would see as a trend is that the children’s wear sector has generally broadened its horizon, is becoming braver in terms of fashion and is daring to take over some elements from adult fashion. This is apparent in the many newly launched children’s collections of the big fashion houses.

4 On March 25th you will do a fashion show. Where will it be and how will it look like?
The WiZo Berlin Charity Kids Fashion Show will take place at the Angleterre Hotel in Berlin Mitte. Apart from Elfencouture, two Berlin-based childrens’ boutiques, “Petit Couture” and “Evelinchen”, will present the current collections from a range of different brands. We’re really excited about this event, featuring 32 children.

5 The show is a Wizo charity event. What is special about this organisation?
WiZo (Women´s International Zionist Organisation) is a women’s organization with over 250.000 members worldwide and is recognized as a NGO by Unicef and ECOSOC. WiZo is represented in over 50 countries – and takes responsibility for everyone, regardless of creed or religion. In Israel alone, WiZo supports around 800 projects for women, children and the elderly.

6 There will be an auction with the show. What can we purchase?
Thanks to the support of kid’s wear Department, WiZo Berlin is proud to be able to offer an array of goodies for auction – in addition to taking part in a fashion shoot for Elfen Couture: charity dresses, shopping vouchers, magazine subscriptions, etc. and also a signed print by the renowned photographer Achim Lippoth. We are very grateful for this “one of a kind” offer and really hope that a very handsome bid is made!

7 Who can look forward to the donation?
The WiZo Charity Kids Fashion Show will benefit “Villa Meder” – a centre for endangered girls in Eilat. The increasing wave of tourists to Eilat over the last few years has also seen a dramatic increase in prostitution, especially amongst very young girls. The generous bequest by Robert and Auguste Meder has put WiZo Germany in the fortunate position to have been able to enter into this very fruitful joint-venture with the city of Eilat. Early last year, WiZo Germany bought the bright and cheerful villa, which is now home to 13-18 year old girls and a place where they can find protection, encouragement and comfort.
We are delighted to be able to support this project and will continue to support a range of children’s charities through a number of joint-ventures with charitable organizations. Other projects are already in the pipeline!

8 Do you have children yourself?
Yes, I am a mother of two amazing children, a boy (12 years) and a girl (8 years). 

9 How fashion-oriented are they?
My children are fashion oriented, but not fashion or brand victims at all! They use fashion as a medium, always creating their own style. I think they see fashion as a playful way of finding their identities. Fashion can be a dressed message of your mindset.

10 What are Elfen Couture's plans for the future?
The House of Elfen Couture, which was relaunched last year as a Berlin based B2C brand with a showroom and an e-boutique from which we ship worldwide, will now also launch itself in the wholesale market. We are also currently exploring avenues for a new strong partnership and also licensing business opportunities – we’re very excited by what 2012 will bring next!



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