Spazio Sei - KidSpace store

The Spazio Sei Fashion Group has been founded twenty years ago and grown ever since on the kidswear market. Located in the North of Italy creative director Manuela Lugli designs the aesthetic language for four brands. We spoke to sole director Franco Ferrari about their international shop concept KidSpace.

1 When and where did you open the first KidSpace shop?
We opened our first KidSpace at 201 Sloane Street in London, on July 3, 2008.

2 How did it come to the idea of these multi-brand stores?
We have created a concept that could put together and distribute all our brands in one space, a space that would match our image.

3 Which labels do you present there?
Within our KidSpace you can find the brands Miss Blumarine Jeans, Parrot, Ki6? and Ice Iceberg.

4 In which other cities can we find the KidSpaces?
Beside London we opened KidSpace boutiques in Milan, Paris, Forte dei Marmi, Kuwait City, Ischia and Al-Khobar as well as a corner at La Fayette in Paris, at Steffl in Vienna and in La Rinascente in Rome.

5 And why did you choose these places?
We chose these cities due to our developement strategy that captures the countries where our target group is present the most.

6 Tell us about the interior design!
We drew up a concept that recalls this certain romantic touch within the details of the furniture, in a rather dominant way that identifies with the "gem", the symbol of the diamond. All is stongly connected with a thoroughgoing minimalism and off white. The colour white is actually a colour which can embrace any season and each colour theme of all our brands. Also the light is a basic aspect: every boutique is characterized by major points of lighting like the focus point on the "high-design" cristall chandelier. Moreover every boutique is characterized by an area dedicated to relaxing, with white leather sofas and soft carpets to allow our clients an exclusive and prersonal shopping experience. 

7 What is the main trend for this spring/summer season?
One common thread in our brand, showing the caracter and personality of our collections, is the use of patterns that highlight and relate to every theme, from the romantic style in a shabby chic way to one more 'street' and urban.

8 Do you have a favourite item at the moment?
The offer we provide within the KidSpace boutiques differs from brand to brand, thus we have quite a few items we like a lot.

9 What are Spazio Sei's plans for the future?
For future expansions in retail we have several plans to open further KidSpace stores with important partners in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and in China. 


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