Munster Kids - The simple things

In 2005 Rich and Samantha Brown started Munsterkids, a kids collection driven by music, art and street culture. The Sydney based label takes inspiration from the self-created urban legend Mikey Munster and translates it inot denim, outerwear, woven shirts and shorts, boardshorts, graphic tees and fleece. Rich told us of adventures in Vietnam, his three boys, and his boyhood idol.

1 Why did you choose to design children's wear? 
I cant say i chose to design in Childrenswear; more fell into it. My wife Sam and I created Munster after having our first boy Jax. I was working on a streetwear label called Wolfgang at the time and having resources already in place we decided to create Munsterkids. 

2 How come you call your brand Munster? 
We liked the character Eddie Munster, and so wanted to create a fictional character that expressed the mischievous nature of kids. Mikey Munster was created. We have a poem on the site that introducers Mikey. 

3 What was the inspiration for the current collection? 
Theme for Fall/Winter 2012 was "eat my dust". It was all about bikes, boards and go carts and going fast and leaving your mates in the dust behind you as you race, ride and cruise the streets. There is also a ever present mix of music themes in our lines as well as Mikey inspired characters.

4 You have three children yourself. How fashion-oriented are they?
It's a funny thing seeing the difference between the boys and how they feel about clothes. Jax is all about comfort and function over style. Zai on the other hand has a real individual sense of style. He enjoys mixing up his outfits and genuinley gets excited when he gets new clothes - coloured jeans are a hit with him this season, as well as a flannel reversible hoody and padded knee trackies. He's a bit of a dude. Then there is Kash who is a bit of a sporty kid and loves his Jeremy Lin NY basketball tee and wearing his soccer shoes. 

5 What was your favourite peace of clothing when you were a child?  
I loved trackies - wore them everywhere. 

6 Do you have a hero, or some kind of idol?  
I liked Evel Knievel, and was pretty keen on doing stunts on my bike. Had a few stacks and even ended up in the back of a parked ute after racing a kid 'round a blind corner. 

7 You are from Australia and moved to Vietnam. Which is the best place for kids?
Definitely Australia. Vietnam was great on so many levels for them including experiensing a new culture, meeting kids from around the world and being able to travel to amazing places in and around Vietnam like ruins of Ankor wat in Cambodia, boat rides through the Mekong Delta, trekking through rice fields and the mountains of Sapa, playing on remote beaches of Con Dao. Sounds amazing, but in the end the boys just missed the local beach, playing with kids in the street, riding their bikes, skating, playing in their cubby house, fishing off the wharf and just doing the simple things. I can definitely relate to that as some of my best memories of being a kid are doing those things and exploring the area around where I lived.

8 You sell almost everywhere in the world. Is there a country you are still longing to conquer? 
The countries of Scandinavia have been the most difficult to penetrate. So many great labels originate here and it's a well established market with a lot of amazing labels and kids stores. So I think to have Munster well distributed here would be great. 

9 There's Munster Kids for boys and since 2009 also Missie Munster for girls. What about Munster Feed? Like a shoe collection?  
Yeah, we're actually looking into it now. On top of that we're continuing with the pillows, backpacks and bean bags aswell as introducing some bed covers and sleeping bags. 

10 What are your plans for the future? 
We have just landed back in Australia so we will settle here for a year, and then would love another o/s stint, maybe Bali... 


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