A for Apple - More and more of that!

A for Apple is known for a unique combinated style and their innovative misuse of materials to form something new, playful and lovable. Founders Denise Ho and Jeffrey Chau are grateful for having met and being such a good match: Denise designing, Jeffrey as the business director. kid's wear department talked to them about special birthday presents, Hong Kong and what they did without fashion.

1 When did you start your label?
Denise: I have always wanted to do kidswear and one day I met Jeffrey whose family business is kidswear manufacturing. We both wanted to start our own label so we came up with the name A for Apple, and since then it hasn't stopped.
Jeffrey: In 2009 around the time of my birthday a common friend who knows both of us put us together. It was the best birthday present ever!

2 Why did you choose to design children's wear?
Denise: It's hard to explain, I just really really like kidswear. I guess I like things that are fun and not so serious.
Jeffrey: I need to thank my dad for being in the trade which provided plenty of resources.

3 What was the inspiration for your upcoming a/w 2012 collection? 
Denise: It's all about being warm and snobby in the outdoor. So there are a lot of cool jackets, sweats and long trousers but at the same time still keeping it very functional and cozy.

4 The A for Apple range is for newborns to five-year-olds. Why not for older kids?
Denise: Actually, our size range just expanded to 12 so we are doing that.
Jeffrey: Due to popular demand, we first stretched the line to 6 then later on to 12.

5 You are reopening your online shop this month. What can we look forward to?
Denise: We are making special items just for the reopening of our online shop - so stay tuned.

6 You are Hong Kong based. What's the best place for children there?
Denise: Right now, Cool Kids pop up shop at Lane Crawford for sure. My niece Briar loves it there.
Jeffrey: My favorite place was Lai Chi Kok Amusement Park which closed in 1997 and was the ancestor of the Ocean Park.

7 Do you have kids yourself? 
Denise: No but would love to!
Jeffrey: I can't wait myself!

8 What was your favorite piece of clothing as a child?  
Denise: A camouflage jacket by Junior Gaultier.
Jeffrey: Anything my Mum liked.

9 Please finsish this sentence. If I didn't work in fashion, I would...
Denise: be a stewardess. I love to travel.
Jeffrey: be working for BMW.

10 What are your plans for the future?
Denise: For me, seeing random kids wearing A for Apple is the biggest compliment and joy so I would like to have more and more of that.
Jeffrey: Make sure A for Apple reaches out to more kids and parents and understand what they desire.



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