Mama Kid - No over-intellectualizing

Targeting stylish parents and fashion-forward tots, the Hong Kong based kid's concept store Mama Kid sets itself apart from other children's shops: founder Valerie Chow invites to an area of vibrant interior with a carefully curated range of clothing, novelties, books and accessories. To her, Hong Kong is magical. And the most important people in the world? Kids.

1 When did you open your shop?
Mama Kid made its debut in September 2010.

2 Why did you choose to open a shop for children?
I love retail and wanted very much to operate my own store. In Hong Kong, the retail landscape is quite sophisticated; however, I felt that the children’s cateogory was seriously lacking – specific to offers and shopping environment.

3 How would you describe the concept of Mama Kid?
Mama Kid is a designer concept store that allows children to look and feel as creative and artistic as their parents. It is a store for the most important people in the world – kids.

4 Which labels do you present?
In terms of apparel we work with Anne Kurris, Bellerose, Milk on the Rocks, Bobo Choses, Makie, Leoca, Mini Rodini, Siaomimi... The list goes on and I love them all.

5 Do you have a bestseller?
We do very well with Milk on the Rocks – their fantastic tees, ‘jude’ jackets, and ‘dalida’ dresses are always a sure thing.

6 Which spot instore do children love the most?
Our little library and wherever we display toys!

7 Mama Kid is in Hong Kong. What is special about this place?
Hong Kong is magical as people are very open to new ideas, concepts and the chinese celebrate colour. Locals have no problem in dressing their child in bright orange, red, or yellow. I like that. Also, people don’t over-intellectualize their purchases – so shopping remains fun.

8 What was your favorite toy when you were a child?
I believe it was Barbie and the 3 storey doll house I put her in.

9 Tell me about the craziest item you've ever sold!
The limited edition Storm Trooper Shogun which I have in the store more for display purposes. Someone also wanted to buy this paper mache apple (which I keep by the cash register) that my daughter made at school. Of course, the apple was priceless.

10 What future plans do you have with your shop?
We will be opening our third store this fall/winter stay tuned! 


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