Astas - A twist of the present

In the heart of Copenhagen Christina Krøyer has created a universe for kids clothing and toys from bygone times. She loves the 50s, knitting and her neighbourhood. With kid's wear she spoke about her own collection, Mary Qant Daisy dolls and little adventures. 

1 When did you open your shop?
Astas opened in April 2008.

2 Why did you call it 'Astas'?
And I named it astas because my daughter is called Asta and also because I have a clothing brand named astas. I do all the clothing myself.

3 How would you describe the shop concept?
The shop concept is a shop decorated in a 50s style, with both toys, clothes and some shoes. I would like it to be an adventure to visit my shop, everywhere you look you should discover new things.

4 Which labels do you present?
In clothes you will find brands as astas, Mini Rodini, Bobo Choses, Popupshop, Atsuyo et Akiko, ESP No.1, Ôvitar by Gudrun & Gudrun, Bang Bang Copenhagen, Milibe of Copenhagen, Kidscase.
In shoes you will find Petit Nord, Bundgaard, Sanita clogs, and Adidas, and from next spring I will have the wonderful Sun Sandals from the USA.
In toys you will find Janod, Moulin Roty, Jelly Cat, Dolls from The doll factory of Europe, Petit Collin, Corolle, Llorens of Spain, Emil Schwenk, Monchichi, Ebulobo and lots of other things.

5 Which spot in store do kids love the most?
When kids visit my store they usally turn to a small table I have with lots of different things on and they look and play or they take a ride on the old rocking horse I have outside the store. The horse by the way I found put out for bulk garbage in perfect condition.

6 Tell us about the craziest item you've ever sold!
There are lots of crazy things in my store, but I must say the fishing lamp is the craziest thing I have sold. I love it and it is totally crazy.

7 Your shop is in Copenhagen. What is special about this city?
My shop is centered right in the middle of Copenhagen right in front of a square with a church. There is a restaurant in the church and in the summer there are tables outside on the square and there is also a playground. All these things are located only 50 meters from Strøget but quiet and so much nicer than Strøget. Copenhagen is special because it is an old city with a lot of history an also because we have nice design…

8 What was your favorite toy and piece of clothing when you were a child?
When I was a child my favorite toy was my Mary Quant Daisy dolls (infact I still have both the Daisy dolls and tables and everything in original boxes), anyway I loved the Daisy Doll and I used to dress her up and also make my own clothes for her. My favorite outfit for me was my green trousers we called them boxtrousers because they have four sides and my green t-shirt with horses on. All my clothes where green when I was a child, I simply just loved green.

9 You also design an own collection. In 3 sentences: what is it about?
Yes I also have my own colletion of clothes. I love to do a lot of knits (I have been knitting since I was 5 years old, my grandmother taught me). So I do lots of knits and I also sew tops, jackets, dresses and trousers. Some of my styles are 40s and 50s style because I just love that period in children's clothes but it has a twist of the present. I think my mix is succesfull.

10 What are your plans for the future?
Right now my plans for the future is to make more people aware of my shop, my little adventure I have here and just make my shop even better. Just keep finding new things you don't see elsewhere. I simply love my store - it makes me happy.


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