kid's wear Trend&Brand Office - A new creative service

There is a new service in the kid's wear universe, the kid's wear Trend&Brand Office. We spoke to Achim Lippoth, photographer and publisher of kid's wear Magazine, about what we can expect from this new member of the kid's wear family.

Please describe in three sentences what exactly the office provides.
The kid's wear Trend&Brand Office is a creative service that offers the experience, knowledge and creativity of the makers of the kid's wear magazine. If a brand wants to estbablish its visual identity, or feels like changing or improving the way people look at it, we can help. From the idea to the realisation.

What exactly does this service include?
This is up to the clients' needs. It can be conceptional in terms of designing ad campaigns, websites, catalogues and films. Or when it comes to the corporate identity like logos and colour climates. We also offer trend consulting, art direction, styling, photography and films. It's a wide field, but we know what we are doing.

Who is we?
We, that's the makers of kid's wear. It's a versatile team with lots of knowledge, ambition and creativity. And we have a pool of freelancers we take on board for specific wishes. All with the kid's wear philosophy in mind.

Who are your customers?
We offer our service to big and small companies, to brands and products with a long tradition or only a very short history. We can give a new face or twist to long-established labels and can also find a high-end solution for the smaller players with a lower budget.

Why might the Trend&Brand Office be a better solution compared to other creative agencies?
Well, we are in the kids' fashion business for more than 15 years now, and the result is a lot of experience and a wide spread knowledge. We see all the important trade fairs and we are happy to be working with an international creative elite. The kid's wear Magazine has received numerous awards - not least because of its own very special way to see children's fashion. That's what our readers appreciate and that's what we can pass on.


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