Dolce & Gabbana - Just like Mum and Dad

Dolce & Gabbana have launched their first ever children’s collection, showing quite clearly just how passionate they are about all things little, and devoting some extra special attention to christening clothes. The collection is a mini version of the adult range and features the same style traits that have made Dolce & Gabbana the global favourite that they are: the fine tailoring, Sicily and its colours and traditions, lace, prints, tweeds, and most importantly, the creative genius of the two fired-up stylists who have proved that they have a soft side too. 

Who’s never dressed up in their mum’s clothes? Who’s never imagined being as grown up, sophisticated and fascinating as her? Who’s never wanted to grow up quicker to be able to own clothes that are so fantastic, you only have to look at them to want to be a model?

Every child wants to copy its parents. Every little boy would like to be just like dad, dressing like him in the morning to go to work, and hanging out on the couch at night after work with the same sneakers and sweatshirt, then going to bed in the same pyjamas. It’s all part of growing up. It’s all part of the natural curiosity that drives each child, the desire to grow up that gets stronger and stronger the more notches there are on the kitchen door frame, where many mums still mark their children’s height.

Well, not all dreams come true, but every now and then, just one does. Like so, from tomorrow heading out the house looking just like mum or to the park feeling “almost” as big and grown-up as dad, will no longer be just a daydream. 

Appearance is all part of it, it has always helped people feel at ease, clothes are part of a country’s traditions, its most ancient and time-worn history. Fashion in its truest sense, not the vanity or business side, but the role it holds in culture and tradition, is all about expressing our personal style, the one that makes us unique and different from everyone else. 

Domenico and Stefano are well aware of this, the bond with their native Sicily and its unique character is as strong as ever, which explains the Caltagirone-inspired floral prints on the girls’ trousers, smocks and cardigans, reflecting the Baroque colours and designs of traditional Sicilian tapestries. Bejewelled buttons twinkle on skirts and brocade jackets, while leopard prints or black and white polka dots peep out from the lining of tweed jackets, in signature Dolce&Gabbana style.

The collection also features a cool for school selection: cashmere knitwear, sweatshirts, down jackets, suede sheepskin jackets, cropped trousers, crochet sweaters and coats in boyish fabrics with lace detailing for effect. There’s even the iconic Sicily bag, identical to the grown-up original and teamed with trademark lace, velvet or leather pumps. 

Little boys have been kitted out with the firm favourite, the traditional Sicilian hat “Coppola”, and given the choice of thick-knit jumpers, patchwork fabrics, washed denim, tartan and checks, T-shirts bearing the faces of famous cinema icons, or three-piece suits, bow-ties, velvet jackets and silk shoes as fine tailoring of this kind dictates. 

Domenico and Stefano’s bond with the sporting world can also be seen in the range of jogging wear, although the gem of the collection has to be the special line of christening clothes. 

Long, fairy-tale tulle robes, lace-trim linen newborn vests, shantung silk mini two-piece suits, cashmere coats, lace bonnets, rabbit-fur covers, silk satin trims, lace and velvet bootees, all in perfect keeping with classic Italian ceremonial tradition.

It is this deep-rooted Italian heritage of fine materials, meticulously-studied cut and shaping, and infinite attention to detail that makes the collection so special, so unique and so exclusive. 

This is a collection made of memories, telling the story of Domenico and Stefano’s life, and explaining in their words, how and why it came to be.

What factors guided the choice of each of the pieces in the Dolce & Gabbana children’s collection?
Domenico Dolce: Clearly we thought a lot about what small children need from their clothes, so we made sure they were practical and comfortable without overlooking the details and quality of the fabrics we used.

Stefano Gabbana: We are so very proud and happy about this launch! We pictured our children’s pieces as identical but mini versions of our adult collection, as we really liked the idea of children dressing like their mums and dads.

What’s your favourite piece?
Domenico Dolce: The range that we designed for christenings and ceremonies is really special to us. We based our ideas on Italian tradition and the family custom of passing robes and covers on from generation to generation. We used fine white cashmere for these, as well as rabbit fur, lace, the same fabrics that we use in the “grown-up” collection. We made the newborn vests from linen, as well as the bibs with initials that can be personalised. This is really important, the fact that they can be personalised, and we feel this should be underlined. Being able to embellish something and make it unique is in our opinion a way of creating something very special and unique in the life of a baby and its parents.

Stefano Gabbana: Just like our men’s and women’s collections, each piece has its own significance and means something special. I couldn’t choose, it would be like cutting off a vital part of ourselves! What we wanted to create, and I can’t emphasize this enough, is a children’s range that is similar in every way to a Dolce & Gabbana collection. It has all the elements of the Dolce & Gabbana DNA: the colours of Sicily, lace, velvet, patchwork and tweed.

How long have you been thinking about such a sophisticated collection? 
Domenico Dolce : I’ve been pondering the idea for ages. We like to think of Dolce & Gabbana as a world, and the children’s range was the missing bit. What’s more, we love children and we know how much mums care about their clothes. 

How exciting was it to design this new collection?
Stefano Gabbana: It was a whirlwind of emotions! It aroused feelings of tenderness, warmth and just like everything we do, irony too. After all, all little girls love dressing up like their mums and we have given them the chance to do that, without the high heels. We can picture how proud and happy they’ll be going out dressed identically! Like I said, we love the idea. We have put together a full wardrobe for little boys too, with something for every time of day and activity, from sport to leisure and ceremonies. The mini tuxedos are irresistible!

What materials did you use?
Domenico Dolce: We were really careful and spent a lot of time on this part, using the same materials from our other collections. For girls we chose silk and silk twill, brocade, chiffon, cashmere crochet, lace and tweed. The linings are crêpe de Chine and we have also included our signature leopard to the prints. We didn’t forget the Dolce & Gabbana logo either which has been incorporated into the new collection on the cotton T-shirts. Every season we will be releasing a new Dolce & Gabbana t-shirt that will echo the theme of the collection. As for accessories, we have designed a girl’s version of the classic Sicily bag. 

The gym is an important idea in the boys’ collection, which, just like the men’s range, features sweatshirts and technical fabrics and sneakers. And then there’s the jeans, knitwear, felt, brocade, velvet and tweed.

Do you already know which key markets you will be targeting?
Stefano Gabbana: We will be covering the main ones, i. e. Italy and Europe (UK, Germany, France, Spain and Russia), United States, Far East with China, Japan and Singapore, then the Arab Emirates. 


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