Mini A Ture - Taking good care

With the aim to never be restrictive or uncomfortable Mini A Ture creates clothes for the daily wear and tear of active kids. The Danish brand has its values: the use of high quality materials, the active support for the Sunway Children's Home in Bodh Gaya, India, and the project "Hands up for Friendship" to fight against mobbing among kids. Design manager Anne Katrine Lemvigh Montag told of her love for France, the fascination about children's wear and a filigreed autumn/winter story.

1 When has Mini A ture been launched? 

2 How would you describe the brand in only three words? 
Stylish, classic with a twist and functional.

3 What is so fascinating about children's wear?
I love fashion and spend a lot of time on shows and research when it comes to adult brands. What makes children’s wear so fascinating is the fact that you can take the adult world and make it much more playful and vibrant. When I design clothes for children it is important for me that it is fashionable but it is also really important for me that the clothes are functional and that it’s the best quality (soft fabrics) because we want to take good care of our children.

4 If you could give one thing to a child, what would that be? 
One of our famous outerwear jackets.

5 Do you have children yourself? How fashion-oriented are they? 
I have two boys and I am actually expecting a third boy in December. Of course my children are influenced by me but they have their own opinions so I would say that they are quite fashion-oriented.

6 What was your favorite piece of clothing as a child? 
A pair of overalls my mom made for me.

7 What was the inspiration for the current autumn/winter 2012/13 collection? 
Mini A Ture is taking a trip around the world on the Orient-Express. The Mini A Ture children are packing their enormous suitcases. They are rushing around like flies because they are getting ready to catch the Orient-Express, the train that will take them on an adventure around the world! They will be experiencing so much on their trip including big cities, the countryside, small fishing communities, forests and also the ocean. They meet up at the railway station, eagerly waiting for the train to pull into the platform. The station is elaborately decorated with paintings and there are seats that are cut out of pieces of painted wood which are perfect for sitting on and waiting for the train to pull in. The floor is made of different coloured stones and the children are very impressed with the grandeur of the station. As the departure time approaches, there are more and more people arriving at the station, all looking out for the arrival of the magnificent train. The people are all patiently waiting with their suitcases of different sizes. All of a sudden, they can spot the train in the distance. The train approaches the station slowly yet powerfully. All of the Mini A Ture children grab their suitcases and scramble aboard the train – they are ready for their trip around the world!

8 ...and your favorite look at the moment?
(have a look at the image of the blond girl in her knit cape)

9 Your upcoming spring/summer 2013 collection is inspired by the French Café life. How come? 
Because I love France and I love the way the life, environment and architecture is build up. I love the small cafés and the small beautiful streets. I love French movies and I was really inspired by the French movie Amelie.

10 What are Mini A Ture's plans for the future? 
We are planning soon to enter new markets. We believe in our values and therefore we stick to them. We do not want to change them. We want to dress all children in the whole wide world and make them part of our incredible Mini A Ture universe in which children are encouraged to feel free, comfortable and happy. 


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