BonBon on the Block - With a focus on fun

In the heart of Rotterdam, close to the hip Witte de Withstraat, there is an oasis for cool kids called BonBon on the Block. The Dutch store is a colourful lifestyle concept full of illustrated walls, clothes, sneakers, accessories and toys - to explore, get inspired or to find the perfect present. Shop owners Lenny Vollebregt and Marieke Kol laugh a lot, often use the word crazy and serously seem to have the most fun doing what they are doing. kid's wear had a closer look.

1 When did you open your shop?
Both: We opened our brick store in January 2010 (and our webshop in December 2011).

2 Why did you call it 'BonBon on the Block?
Both: We also run an Agency in Kidswear (for over 5 years now) and the agency is called MissBonBon Agency. So most people know us as ‘the BonBon girls’. When thinking of a name for the shop we wanted the BonBon to be in it AND we wanted a name so funny, so that’s why BonBon on the Block! A name so funny you remember it instantly.

Lenny: However, some think we sell chocolates…ha ha.

3 How would you describe your store concept?
 We focus on cool and distinctive kids clothing, gadgets and sneakers for kids aged 0-12 years. A store for kids but not childish.

4 Which labels do you present?
Both: Munster Kids, Popupshop, Mini & Maximus, Stella McCartney, Tootsa MacGinty, Shampoodle, Mini Rodini, Bobo Choses, Anïve for the Minors, NuNuNu, Finger in the Nose, BangBang Copenhagen, Soft Gallery, Susan Bijl, Studio Zlda, Janod, Easy Peasy, Fjällräven, Native, Keep, Hershell Supply, Noodoll, Vans, Charlotte Wooning, Etnies, Happy Socks. We are always on the outlook for some nice new fresh brands.

5 Do you have a hint for parents when shopping for their kids?
Both: See the fun in fashion, go crazy!

6 Tell us about the craziest item you've ever sold!
Both: We probably sold our souls to the devil a long time ago, haha. For the shop, nothing is crazy enough.

7 What is your favourite item instore at the moment?
Lenny: Do I really need to choose?! There are a lot of favourite items, like the Susan Bijl bags, the Native shoes, the Noodolls, the iWood, the Janod camera...

Marieke: My favourite item is the heart necklace by Zlda, because they are cool for adults as well (I have all colours).

8 What was your favourite toy when you were a child?
Lenny: My stuffed toys.
Marieke: Lego.

9 Your shop is in Rotterdam. What's the best place for children there?
Lenny: When it’s sunny: the Blijdorp Zoo or outdoor Skatepark. When it rains: Maritiem Museum, as they have an inside playground.

Marieke: I love to take Lenny’s son to the Vroesenpark to hang out.

10 Please complete this sentence: Kids should always...
Both: Have their inner fashionfreak fly out!


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