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Dedicated to high quality and understatement, Cookies Angelwear offers a wide range of baby and kids clothing from age 0-20, as well as a large choice in accessories and shoes. kid’s wear spoke to shop owner Duygu Reinholz about her concept, upcoming trends and Cologne.

1 When did you open your shop?
In 2006. kid’s wear also reported on us.

2 Why did you choose to open a shop for children’s wear?
Because there was a need. There was no intelligent kids shop around, none with that standard or view on fashion. 

3 How would you describe the concept of Cookies Angelwear?
Casual luxury. We offer clothes with the highest standard, only good quality in material and production. And there is no labelling. We sell designer clothes to people who want to dress their kids in the best they can without showing off. And we only sell originals. If we have a trench coat, we have Burberry. If flip-flops, then Havaianas. If a jacket with needle pinstripes, Paul Smith.

4 What is your favorite spot instore?
Well, the most appealing is the boys section, because it’s the most difficult one. Especially when it comes to colours...

5 Why was the shop opened in Cologne?
We were here, but no adaquate shop – the need was extremely urgent.

6 What is special about this city?
The Cologne style is not as extrovert as in Düsseldorf or Munich. In Düsseldorf customers are way more label-oriented, with Gucci and Louis Vuitton logos, Burberry check on the outside etc. My clients are rather intellectuals, actors and artists with a special wish for their children just to look well-dressed and in good quality.

7 Which labels do you present?
The range is international. Pretty new are Paul Smith and Tagliatore. Then we have Bonpoint, Burberry, C.P. Company, Dou Dou, Essentiel, Hartford, Il Gufo, Imps&Elfs, Petit Bateau, Ralph Lauren, Stone Island, Woolrich and more. Regarding shoes we offer Aigle, Converse, Pom d’Api, PéPé, Gallucci etc.

8 Do you have any favorite children’s wear designers or brands?
At the moment I really like Dou Dou and Hartford.

9 What is the most important trend for the upcoming season?
More colours! Red and yellow jeans sold better and better, still the skinny ones, no boot cut. Or even the nude look – first people thought it’s not suitable for kids, but it is. And the trend definately goes to more quality. Parents buy less pieces but higher quality.

10 What is your favorite item at Cookies Angelwear at the moment?
That’s the blue Tagliatore jacket made of washed wool.

Cookies Angelwear / Goltsteinstrasse 87a / Cologne / Germany


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