Joolz - Tuney to go S/S 12

First it had to be a guitar or perhaps a record player but, when on the move, it could once only have been a Walkman or Discman and not an LPman or Guitarman. So Anne-Claire Petit designed a radio and an iPhone enclosed in fabric for the new Joolz project: JOOLZ TUNEY.

It’s generally known that a newborn infant recognises the music it has heard while in the womb and music has a positive effect on growing children. These facts coupled with a guest appearance of new dad and DJ Ronald Molendijk at Joolz, and the idea of being able to play music even in the pram took shape.

“Swing in the pram” is as simple as it is attractive and practical. Soft and colourful on the outside as designed by Anne-Claire Petit, while inside is a loudspeaker connected to its own MP3 player. The music is offered in the Joolz online shop in partnership with Sony Music Benelux and looked after by DJ Ronald Molendijk. The Joolz Tuney is installed complete in the pram.

And hello Joolz Tuney! “Play that funky music” (could this song also be available to download, we wonder?).


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