Backcloth S/S 2012

The Jumpsuit
Labels: A for Apple / Bakker: Made with love / Bang Bang Copenhagen / Bobo Choses / Finger in the nose / Katvig / Kids will out / Kidscase / Kik-Kid / Le Vestiaire de Jeanne / Leoca / Mini A Ture / Mini Rodini / Munsterkids / Parrot / Paul Frank / Petit Bateau / Piu et Nau / Popupshop / Replay / Rykiel Enfant / Soft Gallery / Stella McCartney / Wild / Yporqué

Dressed and ready to go! The one-piece jumpsuit is traditionally used as protective and work clothing for pilots, racing drivers and skydivers. Its design features make it ideal for childrens’ wear – cut for comfort, flexibility and freedom of movement. The optimum prerequisites, and not just for the very small. These fashionable pieces can be found in all styles and shapes, with long or short arms, with an all-over pattern or plain, embroidered, spotted, in denim, jersey or fine cotton, skin-tight or loose and casual.

Graphic Looks
Labels: Anton et Zea / Aymara / Bang Bang Copenhagen / Chinche / Finger in the nose / Imps & Elfs / Katvig / Mini A Ture / Molo / Munsterkids / Rykiel Enfant / Wovenplay / Zorrro

Clear lines drawn for spring! A chequerboard. With countless vertices, it becomes a circle. Squares, circles, rectangles and diamonds are found in graphic sequences of lines, block stripes and two-dimensional spot patterns.
Clean cuts leave space for the focalising graphic designs, whether more formal as at Chinche or playful as at Munsterkids. Marked precedence is given to order and structure, with artistic aspects always in the foreground. Geometric art should be fun and should not radiate severity.

Safari Fun
Labels: A for Apple / Aymara / Bonton / Caramel Baby / Finger in the nose / Fred Perry / Katvig / Kik-Kid / Mini A Ture / Mini Rodini / Morley / Popupshop / Rita co Rita / Simple Kids / Small Wings / Timberland / Yporqué / Zorrro

The typical Cargo Look with Chinos and sand-coloured elements broken up with witty details. The word “safari” literally means “the journey”. An adventure in deepest Africa receives child-oriented emphasis not just linguistically but visually, too. The animal AOPs of Mini Rodini or Yporqué feature little zebras, tigers and giraffes on loose, casual cuts. Eye-catching, informal safari jackets are reinterpreted for kids with dashes of colour as by A for Apple. Go on a tour of discovery and have fun!

Structured Knitting
Labels: Aymara / Bonton / Caramel Baby / Kik-Kid / Mini Rodini / Morley / Popupshop / Rita co Rita / Simple Kids / Small Wings / Timberland / Yporqué / Zorrro

Human beings have been avid knitters since ancient times. And the current needlework trend shows no signs of weakening. Knitwear is and remains something special. There is an infinite variety of creative and experimental textures and patterns which are snug and always comfortable to wear. Away with mass production in favour of a revival of special, individual hand-made garments. So Bobo Choses, for example, features highly individual rough-textured knits like Granny used to make and Kik-Kid uses playful colour combinations with mottled visual effects to create stunning basics. Aymara’s textures produced by lacy patterns, stitch variations and jacquard weaves will attract a second look. With lots of love for those nearest and dearest.

Soft Nude
Labels: Bonnie Young / Cacharel / Creamie / Dino e Lucia / Lamantine / Leoca / Little Paul & Joe / Mini A Ture / Miss Blumarine / Piu et Nau / Petit Bateau / Stella McCartney / We were small

The term “nude” describes a pastel colour palette resembling human skin tones: powder pink, gentle cream, eggshell and light brown tones. A clear trend for girls expressed in the choice of fabrics including floating chiffon, wool, brushed jersey and fine cotton weaves. Gently flattering clothes from Cacharel or Bonnie Young, trimmed with piping, pleats, borders and ribbons. Sweaters and cardigans from We were small or Little Paul & Joe offer protection and comfort. Clearly designed with the feel good factor in mind. Little princesses feel special, safe and comfortable in their own skin.

Cottage Style
Labels: Bobo Choses / Bonpoint / Caramel Baby / Le Vestiaire de Jeanne / Marc O’Polo / Morley / Oilily / Sunchild / Zolima

Off to the country! In these hectic times we all need a retreat from time to time. Our thoughts turn to the simple things in life: nature, relaxation, fresh air and time out. Love of the countryside is translated into simple, skin-friendly clothes with classic millefleurs and gingham prints. Warm colours such as yellow, orange and red are interspersed with beige and brown. Robust linen, the finest cotton and knitwear emphasise the romantic mood. Once we’ve escaped the city, all we need is that feeling of wellbeing with a fresh breeze in our faces.

Labels: Anne Kurris / Anton et Zea / Aymara / Bonpoint / BOSS / Dino e Lucia / Easy Peasy / Imps & Elfs / Junior Gaultier / Katvig / Kids Case / Marc O’Polo / Max & Lola / Molo / Morley / Pom D’Api / Princess Ilou / Sun San Sandals / Sunchild / Wovenplay / Zorro

Orange is the loudest of all colours! It evokes freshness, happiness and youth, and shines out as the colour trend for the coming spring. Used alone or as a colour effect, a striking or subtle accent, it works equally well for boys and girls.

Flowers over Flowers
Labels: Anne Kurris / Bonpoint / Bonton / Happy Garden / ki6? / Kik-Kid / Lalé / Lamantine / Little Paul & Joe / Marc O’Polo / Mini A Ture / Miss Blumarine / Morley / Nixie / Oilily / Parrot / Petit Bateau / Rykiel Enfant / Wovenplay / Zorrro

Flowers are one of the most decorative objects ever. Soft shapes, iridescent colours and beautiful to look at. At the same time they are fragile and ephemeral. Certainly, flowers have often served as motifs but never as strikingly and extensively as now. Their creative use is unbroken. All-over prints à la millefleurs at Mini A Ture or big and bold at Morley; exuberant at Zorro or graphic at Wovenplay, child-friendly embroidery at Oilily and voluminous decorative flowers as hair ornaments at Nixie, or as appliqués at Rykiel Enfant. In many cultures, the flower is considered a decorative, positive element. So you can be sure that floral elements will put a smile on every face.

Clear Solids
Labels: A for Apple / Bang Bang Copenhagen / DKNY / Finger in the nose / Kidscase / Le Big / Little Paul & Joe / Max & Lola / Mimi’lou / Mini Rodini / Petit Bateau / Stella McCartney

You’re allowed to shine! Strong, clear looks put everyone in the spotlight. Dispense with unnecessary details and focus on the colour effect. Colour blocking to produce a Technicolor look; shimmering plain colours in combination with reduced, geometric styling and straight silhouettes. Contrasts between yellow, orange, red, blue, petrol and violet are loud, witty, eye-catching and mutually complementary. Bright colour tones fresh from the paintbox!

Cats Cats Cats
Labels: Bang Bang Copenhagen / Little Paul & Joe / Mimi’lou / Stella McCartney

Everyone loves cats. Human beings have been keeping cats as pets for 9500 years. Cats are sweet, playful and they lift our spirits – these creatures are unique. Their quirky nature has always fascinated and irritated man in equal measure and been a source of literary and artistic inspiration right up to the present day. Cat videos on the Internet, currently showing all over the world, further indicate their present popularity. So it’s no wonder that cat motifs are now emerging in the world of children’s fashion. Print motifs, all-over patterns and cat appliqués have just the same effect. As Rainer-Maria Rilke once said: “Life plus a cat: an amazing combination.” How right he is.


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