June 14, 2012

ESP No.1 - The various projects studio

Alex and Andrew Hogge want kids to look cool without overdoing it. Their kid's line ESP No.1 focuses on quality unisex basics with a classic styling and versatility, on adult silhouettes in miniature proportions. All designed and manufactured in the USA for kids from 0 to 14 years. As veterans of the creative industry, they rather speak in the fashion/art/music language instead of goo-goo-ga-ga. With kid's wear they spoke about their inspirations, the new capsule range with PAM, and kids dressed like clowns.

1 What does ESP No.1 mean?
ESP is the name of our design and music studio. We work on various projects but our kids collection is project No.1. We also do a women's collection called O-M and a record label called ESP Institute. We're working on opening a physical boutique, gallery and lounge.

2 When did you start your label?
2009 with the birth of our son!

3 Why did you choose to design children's wear?
Although a cliché answer, our son was our inspiration. We had both been working in the fashion industry for well over a decade (Alex as an apparel designer and Andrew as an Art Director) and strongly felt that our tastes were not being met in the marketplace. We just wanted a simple 5-pocket jean and rich textural knits that we'd wear if it were in our size. We couldn't find anything for our son that wasn't covered in a nasty print or exaggerated trims. We don't talk in goo-goo-ga-ga all day, so why would we dress our little man like a clown?

4 Do you have children yourself?
Our 2 n half year old son, Jaspar Liam!

5 How fashion-oriented is he?
He likes velcro neon trainers, Supreme hats and sunglasses. His favourite shirt is our Mushrooms graphic tee, and he wears jeans and jean shorts.

6 What was your favorite piece of clothing as a child?
Andrew: My 501s, T'n'C T-Shirt with Thrilla Gorilla, 2-tone Vans lo-tops.
Alex: My Madonna T-shirt!

7 What was the inspiration for the current summer collection?
In this collection we took vibes from our favorite environments such as beach, jungle and desert. We worked with sun-faded colors and easy, casual, sometimes lazy silhouettes. Our graphic tees keep showcase our poppy and loosely retro aesthetic, the theme of balanced patterns within nature, and keep a clever sense of composition. Some of our favorites are the denim anorak, the faded mint skinny jean and of course the graphic tees!

8 What's the most important advice for parents when purchasing clothes for their kids?
Imagine what you would look like if you wore the clothes in adult sizes. Would you wear some embarrassingly cutesy print or jeans with huge buttons and embroidery? Probably not. ESP No.1 is adult clothes in miniature proportions.

9 Which is the best city for kids?
We love New York City! But we'd have to say probably Stockholm was the most kid-friendly place Jaspar has been. He also loves the Parc Floral in Paris, during the summertime.

10 What are ESP No.1's plans for the future?
Our first collaboration will hit stores in June. Its a capsule range with our friends Perks and Mini from Melbourne, Australia (Alex's hometown). If you don't know about PAM (www.perksandmini.com), then you should read up because they're one of the most exciting fashion/art/music collectives existing in contemporary culture. As with ESP, PAM is a husband/wife duo that inspire each other in every way. Andrew and Misha (Perks) became friends through music, and Andrew was a guest DJ for a regular Melbourne party Misha and Rohan (from PAM's Someday Store) throws with friends called Bamboo Musik.

The collaboration will be ongoing on various categories, but the initial offering is a capsule collection of some of our favorite PAM styles (miniaturized for the ESP kid, of course). Its a limited edition project for selected boutiques worldwide. PAM is also creating prints for our first Swim offering in Spring/Summer 2013.

Soon after that we have friends of ours making small T-shirt capsules within our main collection. First up is Yusuke Tsukamoto of Katsuo Design (www.katsuodesign.com)! Andrew is also working on an ESP coloring book, this will be a super fun and trippy bunch of drawings about patterns found in nature (and printed on recycled papers).



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