July 20, 2012

Art kids - “And on the red carpet tonight,

directly flewn in from La Rioja, Spain, the ART KIDS collective. We welcome prima ballerina LINDY with her checked legwarmer, accompanied by tough soled LIBERTAD. Sporty and variable DOVER joins in with SKYLINE in his cosy fur coat.

Look, there are KIO and BERLIN, with covered ankles wearing letter prints, buckles and square applications – very expressionistic tonight. And not to forget SCALEX, on white soles, elegant as always. Good evening!

Here Mr. MOON, the star of ART slides by. Hey Mr. MOON, what do you want to tell your fans?”

“ART is always within!”

“Thank you Mr. MOON. Now next attending on the red carpet, we have the SYMPATEX crew, known for being out on any wind and weather. Aaaand, last but not least, the fashion stars of tonight: checked in orange, purple and grey, draped with chains of coloured stone or wooden pearls, autumnal ribbons and little belts – the customisables.

Ladies and Gentlemen, whoever might be your favourite one at this point, we hope you enjoy this exceptional evening with our ART KIDS stars.”


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