July 26, 2012

Bellerose - Backwoods and jazzy notes

The Bellerose winter starts timeless and inexhaustable with the 'High School Collectors' universe: a new found energy based around authentic American team sports, such as baseball, football and basketball. The colour scheme is inspired by school uniforms: navy blue, aubergine, bottle green and broken white, flirting with seasonal pinks, beiges, ink blues and powder. 

Another theme is 'Backwoods', based on the Canadian and ecological lifestyle in the forests of Alaska, charactarized through velvet pinstripes with open weave jacquard, lumberjack checks, hairy mohairs and fleece jackets. A real Nomad spirit.

The 'Fisherman' style comes with a range of khakis, washed out by the briny sea spray, polka dots, motifs with shifted sailor stripes and maxi-mesh accessories.

Finally, a handful of jazzy notes come hovering across the three collections, harnessing the iconography of the New York musicals scene from about the turn of the century as a major source of influence in drawing and signing the sweaters and T-shirts with a Bellerose twist. 

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