August 20, 2012

Leuie - New dreamy e-boutique

In order to nurture and envelope children's lives with love, dreams and imagination, Jacquelyn and Sarah Klassen launched, a boutique that would fulfill the need and desire in their home in Vancouver and across the globe.

The e-boutique offers an exclusive collection of carefully chosen pieces especially with children in mind; a wonderful selection of both new and aged items for the home and everyday living—from beautifully crafted leisure wear made in Paris and well made indoor shoes from Denmark, to whimsical, handmade décor items, one-of-a-kind vintage gifts, and charming luggage made in Spain.

Discover the newly launched film and lookbook and dream with the warm days of summertime.

“I had a dream of a magical place 
Follow along as we embrace...

Where memories are sweet 
And time seems to rest 
These are the days we cherish best" 

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